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Let's Bingo The Elvis Presley Way

What used to be a game of chance of numbers being drawn has now grown into a global pastime. People would often associate bingo with old ladies in a pub or at the park matching drawn numbers on their pre-printed cards. Whether you are competing for pride or for a jackpot, it has been an enjoyable theme of bonding for families and friends. Being a fan of mobile bingo myself, I thought about adding some twist to the usual games while browsing www.bingoonmobile.co.uk. Why not tweak the format and use Elvis Presley trivia questions instead of numbers? This is no longer a random game of chance, but can bring together people who love the King of Rock and Roll.

This idea is not the first of its kind. British entrepreneur Mark Walsh had a vision of mixing up pub music to the format of the traditional bingo. He went on to test his idea to family and distant relatives. In his version of bingo, players will listen to music as a part of the round and mark off boxes that correspond to the title of the music. The initial runs were successful. This has inspired Walsh to monetize this product of his imagination. He now owns and manages Rock and Roll Bingo, a supplier of innovative products to licensed gaming and entertainment establishments.

While the secret sauces of Walsh's success are not revealed, organizing a bingo trivia game that revolve around Elvis Presley is easy.

Decorations and Costumes

Turn the game room into the 1950s to 1960s era. Hang memorabilia of Elvis Presley on the walls. Get some friends to help you with the decorations. Bring out your collection of the singer's vinyl records. Just make sure that these will not have even a tiny scratch after the event - we all know how precious these records are! Elvis is associated with a lot of things, especially motorcycles. If you can't have actual models, you can buy miniatures online. Ask the male participants to wear bell-bottomed jeans and blue suede shoes. The girls can wear poodle skirts and Wayfarer Ray-Bans. Call it a costume party, but being in character can be so much fun!

Mechanics and Questions

Make sure that you do thorough research on Elvis' life and music. He has more than a hundred hits and a couple of movies made. You may want to watch the short film "Elvis on Tour" by MGM. This won a Golden Globe Award for Best Documentary Film in 1972. Elvis.com can also be a great resource for you. Prepare a list of songs that will be played and included in the bingo trivia game.


Trophies and small replicas of Elvis Presley are great ideas for Prizes. But what could spell positive chaos inside the room would be tickets and reservations to the Graceland Mansion, the world famous rock n' roll residence, for the grand prize. Prizes can also be in the form of cash.

Food and Drinks

Finger foods are sure-fire hits in most bingo games. Serve potato chips, crabsticks and French fries on each table, together with a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails. You can also prepare a buffet for after-party socialization and chit-chat.

With this Elvis Presley bingo theme, no doubt that playing bingo would be more exciting than ever.