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Goodbye Memphis versus The Final Homecoming
by Henryk

Goodbye Memphis (Fort Baxter) [July 5, 1976 (8:30 pm)]

  • a nearly complete show (see below) in very good soundboard quality (mono);
  • 50 tracks in total (with 35 of them being the Memphis concert, the other 15 being the bonus cuts);
  • the drum, bass, and piano solos are presented as a single track running for 5 min. 13 sec.;
  • very basic artwork and design (a four-page booklet feat. three pictures taken during the Memphis show plus one photograph from Toledo);
  • CD2 also features an elsewhere unreleased, incomplete soundboard recording (13 tracks only) of Elvis's April 23, 1977 Toledo, OH concert as well as 2 home recordings ("Baby What You Want Me To Do" and "Spanish Eyes") as recorded in November 1973 at Sam Thompson's House in Memphis (both can be found in superior sound quality on FTD's 2006 "Made In Memphis" CD).

Running time:

CD1: 62 min. 22 sec. (25 tracks)
CD2: 64 min. 32 sec. (25 tracks)
The Memphis Show:
62:22 + 28:09 = 90 min. 31 sec.

The Final Homecoming (Audionics / Fort Baxter) [July 5, 1976 (8:30 pm)]

  • a nearly complete show (see below) in very good and improved soundboard quality (mono);
  • 38 tracks in total, with no bonus tracks, just the magnificent Memphis concert;
  • the drum, bass, and piano solos are presented as three individual tracks;
  • astonishing design and artwork featuring a 16-page booklet, filled to the brim with interesting information and a plentitude of full-color photographs taken during the show in question.

Running time:

CD1: 47 min. 10 sec. (17 tracks)
CD2: 43 min. 18 sec. (21 tracks)
The Memphis Show:
47:10 + 43:18 = 90 min. 28 sec.

General comments:

  • the show is Elvis's final live-in-concert appearance in Memphis, Tennessee;
  • due to the fact it's a tour closing concert and a home town audience Elvis performs extremely well, is in high spirits throughout the entire night and stays on stage much longer (for almost 90 minutes) than he usually did at the time;
  • a full version of "Early Morning Rain" was performed but it's missing from the tape hence we only get to hear 53 seconds of it (you can hear Elvis encouraging John Wilkinson to "keep [the song] going'," and he does, but the tape cuts right there);
  • the amazing three-song acoustic 'section' (incl. "One Night," "That's All Right," and "Blue Christmas") as performed upon request is definitely among the highlight of the show;
  • "Hurt" is sung twice (both times a full version is performed);
  • a very short (22 sec.) but rare "Jambalaya" made it to the set list;
  • "Softly As I Leave" is the only live rendition of the song as performed outside of a hotel venue (be it the Las Vegas Hilton or the Sahara Hotel in Lake Tahoe).