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I'll Remember You - Don't Think Twice versus A Hilton Double Shot
by Henryk

I'll Remember You (Rock Legends) [September 4, 1972, Las Vegas, NV (Dinner Show)]

  • an incomplete soundboard recording (see below) of good sound quality;
  • 28 tracks in total, with the final two being rare live renditions of "Boson Of Abraham" (as "Rock My Soul" on the back cover) and "You Better Run" as recorded in Alexandria, LA on March 29, 1977 (surprisingly, these are
  • soundboard recordings although no CD featuring the March 29 Alexandria show has ever been released, not even a single other track from the show in question);
  • the cover indicates the CD features the August 15, 1972 midnight concert, but in reality it does not as it's the September 4 dinner show of the same year;
  • the recording runs a tad too fast, which is slightly noticeable;
  • JD Sumner and the Stamps are given a solo spot and perform "Walk That Lonesome Road";
  • the two final tracks ("Can't Help Falling In Love" and "Closing Vamp") derive from a different show (i.e. August 11, 1972 Midnight Show, released in its complete form on "Elvis At Full Blast") as the source cassette suffers from severe tape damage;
  • basic artwork and design featuring a four-page booklet, with two live shots of Elvis and a street 'dressed' with promotional posters and banners for the Elvis 1972 Summer Festival engagement at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.

Running time: 59 min. 21 sec.
The concert: 57 min. 30 sec.
Tracks 01-24: 55 min. 27 sec.
The bonus tracks: 1 min. 51 sec.

Don't Think Twice (Madison) [February 2, 1973, Las Vegas, NV (Midnight Show)]

  • a complete soundboard recording of good audio quality;
  • the cover indicates that the CD features the dinner performance from January 29, 1973, however it is actually the midnight shoe recorded on February 2, 1973;
  • 21 tracks in total, with the tracks 01-20 being the Las Vegas show, and track 21 the bonus cut;
  • the 14 min. 25 sec. bonus track is an extended version of Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" (recorded by Elvis on May 16, 1971), however it was computer processed to make it run longer; the story has it, the producers were offered this 'remix' as the real deal and released it not knowing the track had been faked;
  • very nicely done design and artwork featuring an 8-page booklet, informative liner notes and several in-concert photographs, with the only drawback being the fact that all of the pictures used were not taken in Las Vegas but during the June '73 tour (most likely in Atlanta, GA on June 30).

Running time: 61 min. 58 sec.
The concert: 47 min. 33 sec.
The (faked) jam: 14 min. 25 sec.

A Hilton Double-Shot! (Madison)

CD1 [September 4, 1972 Dinner Show]

  • a (still) incomplete soundboard recording (see below) of good sound quality, however slightly improved when compared to the 1998 Rock Legends release;
  • features 26 tracks, with tracks 01- 24 & 26 being the September 4, 1972 DS and track 25 (Can't Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp) being lifted from the August 11, 1972 MS;
  • track 26 is the original, damaged, and incomplete September 4 (DS) performance of "Can't Help Falling In Love";
  • the show has been speed corrected thus tracks 01-24 run 18 sec. longer than they do on "I'll Remember You".

Running time: 59 min. 11 sec.
The concert: 58 min. 01 sec.
Tracks 01-24: 55 min. 45 sec.

CD2 [February 2, 1973, Las Vegas, NV (Midnight Show)]

  • a complete soundboard recording of very good audio quality (and quite an improvement over the 2000 release of the same show);
  • features a total of 19 tracks , with "Can't Help Falling In Love" and "Closing Vamp" presented as a single track;
  • speed correction seems to have been applied here too; the running time of the show is 37 sec. shorter than it is on "Don't Think Twice," however no part of the performance is missing and no edits can be noticed.

Running time: 46 min. 56 sec.

The two picture discs are housed in a gatefold, three-panel digipak featuring several live-in-concert photographs (all taken in Las Vegas, mostly in 1973) as well as a few candid, off-stage pictures; the liner notes are very brief and are included on the back cover; overall, a classy design from a classy label.

General comments:

  • the 1972 concert sees a committed and focused Elvis, whilst the 1973 features a pretty bored singer, who rushes through songs and cuts his show (rather) short as if it was just a job and no fun whatsoever (which might have been the case bearing in mind that on January 14 he was performing live for millions of people via satellite, just to be back in the tiny Hilton Hotel showroom some two weeks later);
  • neither of the two shows offers any surprises content wise, however the set list for the 1972 concert is strong enough to make up for an enjoyable listening experience;
  • as could have been expected, the 1973 show is a 'stripped down' version of the Aloha From Hawaii show; unfortunately, all the rarities were - by then - dropped;
  • it's the first time the Madison label re-issued one of their own CDs (the February 2, 1973 Midnight Show);
  • this double disc set was the final CD release from Madison (2009), with their first release having been "Breathing Out Fire" released nine years earlier, in the year 2000.