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You saw the Old Concerts?

Christopher wrote two books about Elvis' Concerts

I was very lucky to have seen Elvis 29 times in person. I was preparing to see him again on August 16th, when I heard the unbelievable news that he had died.

I have written two books about those 29 shows. Only the first, ON TOUR WITH ELVIS, is still available.

My first book covered the May/June 1975 which I followed in total. I was very lucky to have seen 17 shows in 12 days. The tour started in Huntsville, Alabama where Elvis performed 5 shows in three days. I was able to buy tickets for three of the shows from the box office that weekend in May. (May 30, 31 and June 1, 1975) In fact, outside of Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas, Elvis never EVER performed five shows in a row at any one venue!

On this great weekend, I saw Elvis from up in the balcony, from the 18th row, center stage, and three times from just the right of the stage, three, four rows up. Unbelievable!

Many of you are probably familiar with the shows on this tour, as many have been issued on Soundboard. But highlights this weekend for me were FOR THE GOOD TIMES, I'M LEAVIN', THAT'S ALL RIGHT and one verse of the original TROUBLE.

Elvis wore new suits this tour, and he looked good for a man of 40 years (I can say that now that I'm 42).

This tour moved on to two shows in Mobile, the second time Elvis did a matinee show on a MONDAY when there was a holiday (I was lucky to have seen the first MONDAY matinee he gave in Niagara Falls, New York on June 24, 1974). The next day we were in Tuscaloosa (another show available on Soundboard), and then two days in Houston, Texas for two great shows at the Hofheinz Pavalion. Here, my friend J. Rock yelled out for Elvis to sing TRYING TO GET TO YOU -- and he did. The ONLY time on this tour!

On the Thursday evening, NBC was showing THAT'S THE WAY IT IS on TV. And so, being in Central Time, the movie started at 8:00 PM, and we were able to watch the first hour and a half before we walked across the street from our motel, and watched him in person.

And, at that show, he mentioned the fact that he was on TV tonight and that we could have all stayed home and saved money!! I don't (and didn't) think so at the time, or this time!!

There are so many highlights of the shows, that if you would like to order my book, you'll really be delighted. We moved on to Dallas, Shreveport for two shows (where I SHOOK ELVIS' HAND at the matinee show -- and yes, I did eventually wash it), three shows in Jackson, and the tour finale in Memphis -- where Elvis sang FAIRYTALE for the first time on the tour.

Elvis was really up for this tour, and the Soundboard recordings still bear this out.

My other book featured the other 12 shows I saw, which were, again, in Niagara Falls, New York on June 24, 1974 and two shows on July 13, 1975, Pontiac, Michigan for the famous (but not the best) NEW YEAR'S EVE show on December 31, 1975, a FANTASTIC show in Buffalo, New York on June 25, 1975 where Elvis sang HURT twice, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Barbara, three rather not-so good shows in Syracuse, New York (July 25 and 27, 1976), and Rochester, New York on July 26 -- where my brother, David, and I bought FRONT ROW TICKETS that afternoon for the show that evening!!!!!

After this date, I had to wait until April to see Elvis -- but the difference in three shows in a row was amazing. Detroit, April 22, Toledo, April 23, and Ann Arbor, April 24, 1977 featured a heavier Elvis, but he was really singing well, and performed a varying repetoire, unlike the 1976 shows, and included, of course, UNCHAINED MELODY and LITTLE DARLIN' (as found on the MOODY BLUE album), HELP ME, POLK SALAD ANNIE, and many others.

My last show, and Elvis' second last performance, was in Cincinnati on June 25, 1977. Elvis performed okay, but for a man performing for a new TV Special there were NO new songs, other than I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW which was very powerful, but short. I did get to see Elvis sing UNCHAINED MELODY one more time -- but it was not as good as ANN ARBOR.

Wow, 29 shows, and they're still fresh in my mind. If interested in my book, please write, or if you just wish to talk about Elvis' shows, I'd be happy to that to.

Christopher Brown Ajax, Ontario, Canada

NOV 10 1971. BOSTON,MA.

It was the most incredible experience one could ever have. 2001 buildup, Elvis is on stage.

Boston Garden was lit up like daylight with only flash bulbs. The whole show you were watching and listening to Elvis with continuous thousands of flashbulbs that never stopped.

It was unreal. Elvis was in great form and put on one hell of a show. Also saw him in Hartford Conn. I think 76. Last Friday we went to Antioch, Tenn for Elvis the Concert.

For those who did not go, you really missed a great show. It was very easy to forget elvis was not really there. Hats off to the Graceland staff for putting this show together. If you have never seen Elvis live, this is really good. Long live the King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 25, 1977. Cincinnatti, Ohio.

Elvis was really late for the Cincinnati show - over 45 minutes after he was expected on stage. We worried he may not appear and he told us a lie about being at the dentist when really he had stormed out of his hotel room because it had no working air-conditioning. This was the first time I had seen him and I was only 30 feet from the stage. I was 19 and screaming when he walked out and the flashbulbs hit him. His voice was mindblowing when he cam in on 'Oh Shee', See See Rider.

At the show, he seemed hesitatnt and to slur his words but was in great spirits, joked with us but still got on with the job. Hurt and Unchained Melody were real highlights. The inros felt like they were going on too long but then I realized just how much his musicians meant to him. I was amazed at the looks between Elvis and James Burton and J.D. Sumner.

Prior to Elvis coming on, I had convinced 'Sam - Oh Stan' the sound man, to lend me his In Concert Jacket for a picture taken by my friend. During the intermission, Joe Guercio came round and we thought he was coming to say hello to the 275 UK fans, mainly young, who were there. Instead he was coming to check out the women with the hint that they might meet Elvis. Towards the end of the show, I got over the little wall I was sitting behind and got within 6 feet of the stage while Elvis was singing Hound Dog and then Can't Help Falling In Love. He just looked like God and smiled all the time at a crowd that was going crazy.

I'll always remember the sign in front of me that was getting in my way seeing Elvis - 'Get Way Down Elvis and give me a scarf' - I bought the single the next day in Cleveland. I also remember a kid with an exact copy of the sundial suit on, and he was no more than 5 years old - who would do that to their kid. I also remember the US fans as being very old in comparison to the UK fans. On our way back to the hotel in the bus, eight or so of us had bought Kermit The Frog glove puppets and we all ducked down behind the seats and held our puppets up, singing Hurt, really badly.

It was a brilliant night and he was so much better than I'd even hoped for. The next night would be even better though.

Ian Mackay

Chicago 1976 & 1977.

I was fortunate to see Elvis twice. Going back to October of 1976 and May of 1977 at the Chicago Stadium. The few things that I remember was the charisma, power, and professionalism he and his band brought to the stage.

At the time I thought Elvis was cool,but was more into Aerosmith, AC/DC and Kiss. After arriving to the stadium on both occasions I could remember the anticipation in the crowd before the shows started. After the first part of the shows and a intermission, 2001 started to begin.

As I sat and looked around the stadium you could see and feel the excitement and electricity, as Ronnie Tutt started the drum roll there was a roar with screams, chants and than an explosion. Elvis was onstage!! What I remember most about these shows was his incredible voice!!!

1998, 38 years old,and I still like Aerosmith, AC/DC and yes,I am an Elvis fan!


Dayton 1976.

I saw Elvis only once in Oct 26, 1976 in UD arena in Dayton, Ohio. He put on a great show! He wore a suit simular to the one he wore in "Thats the way it is", he did something he normally didn't do, at the end of the show, he stayed on stage and shook hands for about 5-10 mins then left the building.

I do remember that during the show a very large woman kept running up the the main isle to grab his scarves he handed out, she was very rude and Elvis quit giving them to her. I'll never forget the experience!


Baltimore May 29th, 1977.

I saw Elvis when I was 10 years old and it was my first concert and I also have the tape and two photos from that show any.

This was the night that Elvis walked off the stage. I thought he was leaving. Anyway, he left because when he did this Charlie Hodge did the introducing part, to introduce the band and did a swell job. When they got to "hail hail rock 'n roll," Elvis came back and finished the show. He sang songs like Help Me , One Night, It's Now Or Never and others. At the end of the show Elvis apologized to the crowed and said that he was sick and he threw in a joke by saying "When you gotta go, you gotta go!" It was a good show and I'll always remember it.

Thank you

Tiffany Covington

12 Concerts!!.

I saw Elvis 12 times in concert and 12 times candidly. I was like I love lucy, chasing him from hotel to hotel. I have many great memories, and can tell you first hand, he loved his fans and was a wonderful warm loving person. Very giving of himself. And not at all like the papers say he was. Jelly donuts did not occupy his life.

I remember the feeling at each and every concert, of the electricty in the air. You could truly feel, that Elvis was in the room. It always felt as if he were singing directly to you, and every woman in the Arena felt the same thing. Elvis had a way to captivate you. The room changed the excitement grew the moods were full of excitement and everyone was in awe of the man named Elvis.

I get chills thinking of the electricity that filled there. The second Elvis walked in, you knew you were with someone very special in this life. You could feel it. It was like nothing I had ever felt since.

Keep in touch
Friends Thru Elvis


Feb.12, 1977. Hollywood, FL

In the 21 years since I saw Elvis in concert I have heard and read so much negativity about his performances in the last two to three years of his life.

Let me tell you something, I have seen well over 100 performances of various artists since then and none have compared to Elvis' in 1977. I waited in line at the Orange Bowl in Miami for over 5 hours to get my much coveted ticket and had no regrets about it because the show I saw was amazing.

Elvis came on stage dressed in his Indian Feather suit that night and I can still remember thinking to myself ( amidst the thuderous roar of the crowd and the blinding flash of 15,000 cameras) that reports of his deteriorating physical condition were greatly exaggerated. Not only did he look good but he seemed to be on fire that night because the man never stopped and the intensity of the show never let up. I recently purchased a bootleg copy of this show and my memory is not playing tricks on me-the show was that good.

The rush of the fans toward the stage was so great that the arena security finally pushed all seats together so that no aisles existed and everyone could enjoy the performance in relative safety. I was young at this time and the excitement was so terrific that I have forgotten alot of the actual "moments" of the show (I'm so glad I have the CD) but I met very nice people who kind of watched over me (I was only 12 and my parents didn't attend) and pointed out all the things I might have otherwise missed in my youthful excitement. The only regrets I ever had from this wonderful experience were that my concert program that I bought was stolen and my inexpensive Instamatic camera just didn't take very good photos of this incredible man. In conclusion, I have one question to ask all the naysayers and people who routinely put Elvis down. If he was in such lousy condition and his shows were so bad in that period of his life why have I bothered searching for any pictures and recordings of this show for over 21 years? I would suggest that all the negativity spewed forth since his death comes from folks who never witnessed this incredible performer live on stage.


June 27, 1976. Largo, MD.

I was eleven years old. I remember the cameras flashing out of control. The people were screaming so loud it was hard to hear Elvis sing at times, but without a doubt every other performer I've ever seen has been a distant second to this concert. I will never forget it !

Michael Foglio

East concerts.

I've been looking this site over with my new PC, just looking for anything on Elvis, and reading all the letters from other people who feel as I do and I have tears running down my face. All the memories of years that were so wonderful come rushing back to me. The memories are great ones but they also leave me so very sad that he's gone. I saw Elvis in concert quite a few times over the years.

Everytime he came to Charlotte, NC and almost everytime in Baltimore, Md. and a few place near to Charlotte. There was such an electric feeling in the air that will never be duplicated again for me. You knew when Elvis had entered the building somehow, the electric charge was so strong. Each time I saw him, the concert seemed to last only minutes, seeming to end as soon as soon as it began. My first concert I was in the nosebleed section but over time I finally got front row. He always gave the greatest performance and you felt as if he sang just to you. I was very fortunate in meeting!! Elvis in Charlotte and spent a few hours talking with him and you could never hope to meet anyone as wonderful as he was. He truly gave me some of the greatest yeas of my life and I wish there was some way to thank him


June 22, 1977. Sioux Falls, SD

I went to stand in line at 4:00 am the morning the tickets went on sale. At 10:00 my friend and I bought the last tickets for the concert!

What a thrill to have been at the concert. We were allowed to take pictures I went right up the center aisle took pictures. I have to admit, I didn't know I was that excited about Elvis, until we got to the concert and I heard him sing. No matter what anyone says about how he was at the time his voice was wonderful!

The intro that night was awesome. I think it might have been from the movie 2001? The electricity in the arena was something I'll never forget.

After the concert, my husband and I went up to the stage area. The opening act was a comedian. (Anyone know who it was?) We talked with the comedian. He thought I had been crying and told me not to. Then, he went to Elvis' music stand and handed me his white guitar pick. WOW!

Miss you Elvis!


June 26, 1977. The last Farewell

I remember the anticipation of the chance to get to see him, I was so nervous, we were sitting there waiting and I saw somebody on stage and it looked like him behind the curtain playing his guitar, so I said to my sister isn`t that him ?

Look!!!! She laughs and says , no , I don`t know who it is. Well, when the theme song started playing( I have chills) and I was so excited. He sounded good and I really thought he looked pretty good, of course I would think he looked good no matter what.

I had a thing for this gorgeous man when he burst on the scene. I was only 7 yrs. of age when became famous. I wished we could have sat closer, but when he sang I can`t help falling in love w/you, we know he is gone soon. But, we have the videos and the cds , books etc.etc. to hang on to,I wish i could have got close to him, at least a smile, a kiss would have been better , but i would have settled for a smile.


Aloha from Hawaii

I remember my Mum getting a red scarf from Elvis. She tried to grab it off him and he would not ley go. I have got a picture of this and I will send it to you. A great moment we had with the King


Las Vegas January'70 & Atlanta

I remember the absolute hysteria I felt as the 2001 Intro reached its max, as Elvis began to come on stage...that crescendo was heart-stopping and then he entered the stage...in all his glory!

The charisma was like lightning bolt interaction immediately. I wanted to drink in all of him. I watched every movement. I tried looking at his face, his hands, his stance,his karate actions. I just wanted to soak it all up so that when the concert would be over, I could re-live it again and again. Unfortunately, try as I might, many of his songs would become a blur. The concerts passed too fast and try as I may to store them, portions of the concerts never reached my short-term memory let alone my long-term memory. And, yet, other things I can recall rather vividly.

One such time in Jan. of 1970 in Las Vegas, I was sitting pretty far back in the Showroom and Elvis was sort of enticing some of the women to come down to the stage and I wanted to be one of them. At first, my date wouldn't let me out of my seat, but seeing my determination, he let me get up. As I proceeded down the steps towards the stage, I was afraid Elvis would start singing and I wouldn't be able to touch him, or whatever. Well, my heart about to burst, I yelled to him, "Elvis, don't forget me", and much to my surprise, he said into the microphone, "I won't forget you, baby!" And then I was just on the other side of the stage and he leaned down and kissed me on the lips! My heart just about gave out! There were so many flashbulbs going off that I know someone had to have gotten a picture of me being kissed by Elvis.

Wow! As I share this story to you, I am sort of re-living it again and he is still as wonderful to me after all these years as he was then.

Jackie Owens

Blue Suede Shoe 1972

Did You Know Dept.:

Did you know that Elvis Presley once heaved a blue suede shoe into his audience?? I don't mean tossed it like a scarf. I mean, he was goin' for distance. April 6,1972 Elvis was doing a concert in Detroit at the Olympia Auditorium. He was in the middle of this song, a very solemn version of "American Trilogy", when someone in the audience threw the shoe onstage - nearly hitting a startled Elvis.

He apparently found the gift neither funny nor appropriate. The shoe waited patiently 'til the end of the song when Elvis jumped on it with a VENGEANCE and did a lightning fast pantomime version of "Return to Sender"!

I was there and wondered at the time whether someone caught the thing properly, or merely stopped it with the old 'head butt' ploy.

Jim Vanhollebeke