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You saw the New Concerts?

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Just saw it tonight in Chicago (actually Rosemont, IL).

All I can say is, wow. For someone who has never had the privilege of seeing Elvis live, this gives you some idea of the fun and excitement. Elvis was a great performer, and he put on one helluva show back in his day. The musicians and the crowd really got into it (live, as well as on film).

I had a great time! Even though this is a money-making proposition for Graceland, it was really cool. Kinda sad at the same time, because the crowd was cheering Elvis, and he wasn't there to see it. Would've been something else to see him live.


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Hi Everyone,

I have to agree, Elvis-The Concert was an awesome show.

When we arrived at the Rosemont Horizon there was already people waiting in line, which was about a half an hour before the doors opened.

We parked my car and stood in line along with everyone else. I think almost everyone in the line had Elvis t-shirts on.I told my husband that I would feel out of place if I didn't have an Elvis t-shirts on.

Anyway, when the doors opened and we finally got inside to find our seats I saw the stage. It was awesome. They had a replica of the Graceland Gates hanging in the center of the stage.

The Gates was white and they had colored lights shining on them. There was also the letters "EP" behind the Gates. They was white also. The background was black. It was a beautiful sight.

When the concert was ready to start the Gates lifted and the lights lit the stage as the band started playing the Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey. All the sudden I got this cold chill that came over me. This song has never affected me in anyway before. To hear this song, live, knowing it was the opening of Elvis' show, knowing we will soon see Elvis. My gosh, what a great feeling it was.

I never seen Elvis while he was alive but with the feels that came over me while watching this concert, I got a taste of what it would have been like at one of his live concerts. What a wonderful experience this concert was.

I thought everyone on stage was excellent. It was amazing how everything seemed so perfect. Some of the show made me feel sad though because everyone was on stage except the main attraction. Elvis should have been on the stage with the rest of them, not on the big screen.

It was really an awesome concert and if or when it goes overseas, I would recommend you don't miss it. Ok, I guess I said about enough to give you all a general idea of what the concert was like and how I felt about it.


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I Went to see Elvis the Concert in Rosemont, IL and the show was fantastic. I only wish the attendance would have been a little better( 5,000-7,000 people) The TCB band was in rare form. Ronnie Tutt has to be the Greatest Rock Drummer of all time. Way to go Ronnie.

The new Jumbo Tron system took a little getting used to. I thought a better quality copy of That's The Way It Is footage. A little grainy at times. All in all a great time was had. As usual, The media was ignorant again. Not too favorable comments. What else is new!

Love to hear from others who attended and also went to the show on Sunday night in Indianapolis.

TCB Randy

Las Vegas

The concert was GREAT!!!! it was really wonderful, it felt almost like when I was him live. At the same time it made me very sad because I wished he was on that stage.

The concert was done with a lot of class and it was great to see all of Elvis' old friends and band members on the stage. The band members never missed a cue, they were right on Elvis' every move just as they used to when Elvis was on stage with them. A great job done by all of them.


Indianapolis, IN

The concert hall all dark except for Gracelands music gates hanging in the air just above the stage floor in a light purple color, the TCB Band directed by Mr Joe Gercio, this is the original band & 95% of the original members, starts by the low beginnings of space oddsessy 2001 & rapidly builds into the fire of the song, the music gates are raised high in the air by hoists & then appears "The Man Elvis on the largest video screen I've ever seen, must have been 50' x 50' singing CC.Rider just as if it was "alive" I mean I got the damnest goosebumps you've ever seen , the same electrical charge I got when I saw him live in Cincinnati.

The Orchestra was perfectly in sinc. with el right to the lip curls!!!!!there also was The Sweet Inspirations, The Imperials, Glen Hardy, Ronnie Tutt, & others !!! the show was over 2 hrs long & not a dull moment I would do it again in a heart beat!! the show leaves Indy & goes to Las Vegas at the International Hotel ( now Las Vegas Hilton) for its final debut, the sadiest thing I thought about was that when Elvis was singing "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" was that the last time Elvis sung that song was right there at Market Square Arena 21 years ago with the same band! oh! what a difference time makes!


Concert At Indianapolis' Market Square Arena

The setting: Market Square Arena--the very place where Elvis performed his Final Farewell Concert. I was not there 21 years ago, but I have read that the crowd in Indianapolis was a sellout--18,000 strong.

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in the turnout on Sunday (Elvis' last concert, June 26, was on a Sunday also.) at Market Square Arena. I was also on hand for this experience in Evansville on March 11th. The crowd at Roberts Stadium (maybe 9,000 capacity) was over half full. So, when I saw maybe 2,500 to 3,500 people in their seats when the thunderous beginning of 2001 broke out, I was hurt.

The show was just as good as when I saw it the first time. The TCB band (comprised of James Burton, Jerry Scheff, Ronnie Tutt and Glenn D. Hardin) was at full force on both nights. However, back in March, it was only their 3rd show, so they had time to iron out a few miscues to make the Indianapolis show better.

Unfortunately, J.D. Sumner and the Stamps had made prior arrangements before knowing that the Summer tour would take place. However, four members of the Imperials showed up and did a great solo of "He Touched Me". One difference between the two shows was that Hardin, Tutt, and Burton installed separate solos during "Johnny B. Goode." It was very interesting to say the least. Other than that, the song list was just like many of the ones that Elvis himself made up--the exact same. Don't get me wrong, the live performances of "Just Pretend," "Make The World Go Away," "Bridge," "Trilogy," and "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" were all fantastic. However, the highlight for me came after the concert itself. I promised friends that I would come back with a particular souvenir so I didn't want to let them down--or myself.

After the show, I raced past everybody up to the stage, jumping the last 3 rows. I made my way through to Ronnie Tutt, shook his hand, and asked for his drumsticks. After giving me the finger (not that one), he went back to his drum set and got his sticks. On his way out from behind the drums, he handed both sticks to lady working on the concert staff. At this point I knew that I wouldn't get what I came for. By this time every other person was screaming for the ultimate gift for a Tutt fan, one of his sticks. After Ronnie whispered something to her, she came toward the now towering crowd against the stage. She threw one drumstick to my left, and then placed the other in my right hand! I had it! I saw the wear and tear of over two hours of hard playing on that baby!

So, you ask, did you have a good time and did you get your $25 worth?--two words--Hell Yes!


Pat (South Bend, Indiana)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Hello Elvis fans,

I saw "Elvis the Concert" on August 15th, 1998 at the Las Vegas, Nevada Hilton. It was so Wonderful. Words can not describe how Great it was with Elvis on a large screen looking Bigger than Life.

It was so good to see his TCB Band and the Sweet Inspirations, Millie Kirkham, and the Imperials singing. Great to see Joe Guercio directing the orchestra again.

Was anyone else reading this seen that Concert? I heard it will be going to Europe after January. I hope everyone get a chance to see it . It is UNBELIEVABLE!!

Sue Campiglia, Las Vegas, Nevada

Antioch, TN

First of all I must say that it is a shame that the attendance isn't much larger in other states because Nashville's Starwood Ampitheatre was pretty packed !

The problem with that concert, along with the others mentioned is that the promotion was/is nil !!! So many people I know of would have gone (not even large Elvis fans, just something neet to see) to it if they heard about it and what it was exactly. The T.V stations had no commercials,radio was very scarce on info, and newspaper was touch and go, you could find more after the concert was over.

The concert was and still is , no doubt, the BEST thing I have ever done. For an Elvis fan, that lost him at 8 years old and has had to deal with video's along with (mainly)crappy impersonators, it was FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!

No other way to describe the feeling I had before he came out, during, and after he exited. You can't go back when someone is dead, so if you've lost an idol , you just have to dine on ashes. This concert was a miracle for people like myself that missed the experience of Elvis.

The darned mediais always trying to make Elvis and his fans look goofy. I get tired of it. Its like the Beatle's are cool and the actual King of Rock is not, its bad enough that E isn't played on rock stations that play classics. I have heard only negativity about this concert. Things like Graceland is trying to make a buck on this dead man and all these fans are wacky for seeing this. I say, WHY ? Is it wacky to get the opportunity to see someone you like in concert. Is it wacky for people to go to the orchestra to hear music from composers that are long since gone ? Would it not be as wacky if it was the Beatles or Led Zeppelin, something tells me it would be accepted and not wacky weirdness then ?!

Bottomline is it was sooooooooo awesome that I , along with 10-15 others I know, would go again !!! In a heartbeat.

I welcome a 99 tour !

Dave Winn