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You saw the New Concerts?

Elvis - The Concert in Oberhausen

So, how was THE CONCERT in Oberhausen on saturday, januari the 30th you asked? Well, let me tell you it was one of the most exciting things that I ever witnessed! I was born in 1976 so I was too young to have seen a "real" Elvis show. But for me this came frightingly close.

I sat in the front row, center stage and about 80% of the Arena's capacity had been filled. At 8:05 pm the lights went down. The band started to play the theme from 2001 and it was loud. I closed my eyes. This is what it must have felt like way back when... Then Ronnie Tutt started to bang the opening riff, thunder in his drums. Suddenly out walks Elvis!!! He looked very good. For Oberhausen he chose the same suit he also wore on the "Aloha from Hawaii"-tv special.

After "See See Rider" it was "Burning Love". During this song I looked at the huge screen where Elvis was projected and all of a sudden Elvis looked back at me!! He nodded as if he wanted to say "Hi, good to see you Mark". My heart was beating loud with the beat of the song. From this moment on my mind actually started to go blank. During the intermission I had to look at the programm to see what songs they had played! But I knew it was only highlights. One of them was the musical introduction of the TCB-band with "Johnny B. Goode", with extended solo's for James Burton ("play it James"), Glenn D. Hardin, Jerry Sheff and Ronnie Tutt ("Rooooock!!!" was the only thing I could yell to Ronnie, and he did, my God he did).

"Sweet Sweet Spirit" was sung by the Stamps only and was dedicated to their late leader J.D. Sumner. It was a chilling performance and they got a standing ovation for it. After the intermission the Sweet Inspirations kicked off Act II with their own hit "Sweet Inspiration". From this moment on many fans in the cheaper seats rushed to the stage to shoot some pictures and try to shake the Sweets' hands. So did I by the way. After "Sweet Inspiration" Elvis looked me straight in the eye and said "If you're looking for trouble, you came to the right place". Trouble wasn't followed by "Guitar man" but was linked to "Hound dog" (surprise!).

While I was standing in front of the stage I was actually looking for Elvis ON stage. Of coarse he wasn't there, but it gives you an idea of how real this show feels. During the oldies portion of the show it was mayhem: people were jumping and shaking all around. I looked at James Burton, and his eyes were saying "yeah, this is how it ought to be". After "Love Me Tender" we were instructed by the Oberhausen Arena personell to go back to our seats, which we all did. "Suspicious Minds" was one of the many highlights of Act II, with Ronnie Tutt beating the drums like Thor, God of thunder. After "Can't Help Falling In Love" Elvis left the stage, leaving me speechless.

While driving home I thought: "Man, this was weird". I have all the footage they used for this show on video, but I just couldn't keep my eyes off the big screen. I have the "Aloha" - show on cd, but in Oberhausem I was wondering if he would hit the high note in "An American Trilogy" as splendidly as he used to do. This again gives you an idea of how real this show feels. Please everyone, GO SEE IT!!


Grand Rapids.

I just stumbled onto this page, and I think it's great! I have been anxious to hear about the European dates on the 1999 Elvis tour. Fortunately, it appears the shows have been well-attended. I agree with what many fans have said about the lack of promotion, especially in the states. I am convinced far too many people do not understand what this show has to offer. I have seen it twice.

The Memphis '97 reunion was magical. Words cannot express the excitement and emotion which filled the Mid-South Coliseum. The second show I saw was March 15, 1998 in Grand Rapids, MI. I arrived a full FIVE hours before the show, hoping to meet the band and get interviews (I work for a radio station). After waiting several hours I walked around the building to a media access door, showed the credentials, etc. and met Todd Morgan of Graceland, who graciously showed me around and asked if I would be interested in attending the soundcheck.

Absolutely! I sat down in the front row alone (sadly, I was the only media representative present--in Michigan's second largest city!) and watched. The TCB band jammed on several songs; in fact, Ronnie Tutt played bass for awhile, with Jerry Scheff on drums! Next, the Sweet Inspirations came out into the Arena, as did J.D. Sumner and the Stamps, just to hang out. I felt overwhelmed. It was ME, alone with Elvis' stage performers. I only hoped the group wouldn't toss me out. They didn't. After the soundcheck, Todd Morgan lined up a few interviews for me. Ronnie Tutt and Joe Guercio were first, followed by the Sweets, Ed Enoch of the Stamps, Jerry Scheff, Glen D. Hardin, and finally, James Burton. It was more than I expected from my evening, but the biggest thrill I have ever had. I have done countless interviews with artists, bands, etc., but this was different. My childhood was filled with memories of these people who stood before me. Everyone autographed several items I had with me, and James Burton even gave me two guitar picks.

I was very lucky that night. The whole group proved to be humble, congenial and professional in every way. Sometimes the image DOES live up to reality! I encourage everyone who has seen this show to give us your memories. It tightens our bond as Elvis fans.

Keith Huotari

Oberhausen, Germany.

Very impresive. Like a dream come true. Seeing Elvis 'live'. I think I would have gone completely nuts had he been there in person. The show was superb. It gave me a warm feeling that after almost 22 years after Elvis' death still thousands come out to see him. He'll never go away and more than ever I'm proud to love Elvis.

Roel Rutten

Auburn Hills, MI. 1998

I was born in 1970 and was never lucky enough to see Elvis in concert...until March of '98. It was awesome, the band, singers, everything was great. My boyfriend, knowing what a huge fan I am, proposed to me that night...in a limousine on the way to the concert. It was a very special night in many ways, one that I'll never forget.

The concert left me with a bittersweet feeling, wishing that things didn't end the way they did for Elvis, but at the same time feeling elated that I had the chance to witness what I did! I would gladly attend the concert again if it came back to town!!! My biggest laugh during the evening were the women (50ish in age)sitting behind us...they were absolutely gaga over him...totally lusting after the video screen! It was great...wherever Elvis is I'm sure he was enjoying it!

Heidi Amell

Stockholm, Sweden

My strongest memory from the concert is the feeling I felt deep inside when the orchestra played the intro of Also Sprach Zarathustra.

I almost started to cry, and I remember the stunning "relief" when the curtains was finally dropped and Elvis "walked" out on stage.

I can only imagine how it must have been for those who had the opportunity to visit a r e a l l i v e concert. The crowd was fantastic, and by the end of the second act, many had crowded in front of the stage, dancing and singing along. I'm thrilled to hear that The Concert is returning to my little Sweden in Y2K, so that I may see "him" once more, before I turn into the only virtual world as well.

Christopher - 24 years of age.

Flinders Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Elvis the concert

Date:			8 November 1999
Time:			8:00pm
Attendance:		7,500
Concert:		Concert number 1 of 3 in Melbourne scheduled 
Venue:		Melbourne Park
Place:		Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Concert List: Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey(Also Sprach Zarathustra/See See Rider/ Burning Love/Steamroller Blues/I Can't Stop Loving You/Johnny B. Goode/You Gave Me a Mountain/Elvis introduces the cast/Polk Salad Annie/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Proud Mary/Never Been to Spain/Just Pretend/Make the World Go Away/In the Ghetto/He Touched Me Performed by The Imperials/How Great Thou Art/Bridge Over Troubled Water/ 20 min Intermission

Sweet Inspiration performed by The Sweet Inspirations/ Trouble/Hound Dog/ Don't Be Cruel/All Shook Up/Heartbreak Hotel/One Night/Love Me Tender/The Wonder of You/Lawdy, Miss Clawdy/Funny How Time Slips Away/Suspicious Minds/ I'll Remember You/Big Hunk o' Love/My Way/An American Trilogy/Can't Help Falling in Love/Closing Vamp

After a month of expectations and waiting, we were finally on our way to see an elvis concert! It was held at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia. It was it's first time in the country, having already played one show in Adelaide, on the 5th of November.

My mum, brother and myself left home at around 6:30pm on the 8th of November, 1999 to see the spectacle. Getting to Melbourne Park (also known as the tennis centre, because the Australian open is played there once a year) was not hard, we arrived at around a quarter past 7. Once there, we entered the stadium, soon seeing my cousin Marcelo. He is a big fan who was very nervous! He had actually talked to the pianist of the TCB band, Glen Hardin and asked him a couple of questions. Glen even signed a t-shirt for my other cousin, Mariano. My brother Fernando quickly ran to buy us a t-shirt and the program, which is a great souvenir to have. We eagerly awaited the entrance of Elvis!, hearing 60s-70s music being passed in the background. It took around 45 mins for everybody to be seated. The stage was covered with a light coloured silk sheet.

Suddenly, the lights went down, and you could hear, in the distance, a faded sound, which started to become stronger and stronger. The sound of the trumpets became louder, as you could hear Ronnie Tutt play his way through the "2001 space odyssey" theme. At that moment, I felt very strange, nervous, I felt a strong pressure near my throat, like I couldn't breathe! Then, as the theme neared to where Ronnie started to go crazy with his drums, something incredible happened, a feeling, of excitement, but also a feeling of not knowing what was going to happen next...I had my hands over my mouth, as I heard my Mum almost starting to cry, she felt very very nervous! The spotlights were going around the stadium, as though, something was going to happen! Then, you couldn't believe it, out came Elvis, it was incredible! My mum was crying, my brother, screaming!

They played many incredible songs, inluding all the favourites like Hound Dog, which started off with the 68 comeback special scene where Elvis says:"You looking for trouble, you came to the right place." He played a rare version of 'In the Ghetto' which was an incredible song live. One surprising song on the list was Just Pretend, but it was unbelievable!

Many people may think that the concert is just a bunch of video clips put together but it isn't...its like Elvis playing the song all over again because the band have a different rhythm from before.

I had binoculars so I could take a closer look at the TCB band. I couldn't believe it, there were the Sweet Inspirations! It was the 4 of them, including Whitney Houstons mum! Elvis presented his band as you heard the applause for each member. You saw each one appear on the screen doing their solo which was very well done. The whole night was incredible. You could just hear the live band, and in that huge screen was elvis, singing at his best. I was not believing this, neither was anybody else around me I think! The show continued, as there were great performances by the former members of the Stamps Quartet, He touched me, and Sweet, Sweet Spirit. Then, the screen which was displaying Elvis now displayed a church window, for How Great Thou Art, one of the best songs from the concert.

The set was set up so well, with 2 small screens(which were pretty big) and a huge screen in the middle. The show was for about 2 hours although there was a 20 minute intermission(where we took a breather from such excitement, I think I remember my brother repeating "this is incredible! I cant believe it!")

After the intermission, the Sweet Inspirations stepped out from their corner and sung a very good song that I think they created, Sweet Inspiration. You could really say that about every song.

Even when Elvis sung, 'Funny how time slips away' the lights went up! He even asked for a better view of the crowd! Incredible! The concert went on, and when it did finish, it was a very special feeling, we had actually seen Elvis live!!

Walking towards the car, all we could talk about was about how good the show was! My mum commented "who would have thought that we would have gone to see an Elvis concert 10 years ago!" Well it happened, now we can say we saw Elvis' band!

We had bought the Elvis tickets a month ago, and actually almost missed out on seeing the show because of silly circumstances! If you cross your mind or are indecisive about seeing the Elvis concert, you will be assured it will be an unforgettable event. Events, like big concerts should not be missed, because they are a once in a life time opportunities, anyway, you probably would spend the same amount of money on a meal at a restaurant or on something else...

By the way, my cousin asked Glen Hardin "Was Elvis that good?" Glen responded " He was something special" Glen then told Marcelo confidently " You're gonna like the show."...

Elvis the Concert – Melbourne Park, 8:00pm – 8 de Noviembre 1999

El 8 de Noviembre de este año fui a ver ELVIS THE CONCERT. Mas esta decir que fue la experiencia mas grande que tube en mi vida. Cuando se apagaron las luces y la tipica musica de la abertura de los conciertos del King , todos, no yo solamente experimentaron nuevamente esa emocion que solamente Elvis puede despertar. . Es increible que una persona que no esta con nosotros fisicamente por mas de 20 años pero que sí, sigue estando en nuestros corazones pueda mantener la llama de admiracion de todos sus admiradores y encender nuevos sentimientos como él lo sigue haciendo. Y hablo en pasado y en presente porque la audencia del teatro estaba compuesta de ancianos , hombres, mujeres y niños!! El King sigue conquistando admiradores.!! Que encanto tenia Elvis para conquistar a la gente? Era su figura? Era su voz? Era todo lo que él daba ? Sin duda alguna era el conjunto de todos los dones y virtudes que El SEÑOR le entrego. Elvis para mi es como un manantial de aguas cristalinas , una dosis de tranquilidad, su voz es como una caricia.....su mirada como la de un angel.....su musica exquisita. De Elvis no hay manera de aburrirse. Muchas veces me pasa que puedo estar escuchando a otros cantantes, ya sea popular o clasico pero despues de un rato me canso y cambio de cantante. Con Elvis no sucede esto, puedo estar mirando los conciertos (videos) o escuchando musica y nunca nos cansamos. Siempre escucho o miro los videos con mis dos hijos (uno de 29 años y el otro de 17)...Dos fanaticos del Rey.

El dia del concierto fuimos los tres y cuando volviamos estabamos increiblemente felices porque se nos habia hecho realidad (o casi realidad) un sueño que habiamos creido nunca podiamos realizar. VER A ELVIS EN CONCERT.

Un beso para todos de una fanatica del King.