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You saw the New Concerts?

Elvis Week !

My wife and I attended the Elvis The Concert show on Thursday, August 16. We sat on row 1(stage front)in section AA (stage left near the Sweet Inspirations), in seats 3 & 4. We had attended the 1997 show but didn't have as good of seats back then. These seats were unbelievable. We got to the show about 45 minutes early and were talking to people next to us when my wife said, "who is that?" I looked up and it was James Burton on the floor near where we were. I ran up to him and got his autograph on my program. He was then spotted by others and was rushed and signed a few autographs and left. I was in the right place at the right time! Then in the very same spot walks up Al Dvorian (Elvis' former announcer). I got his autograph as well. He wasn't a part of the show - just was present. I got some really close up pictures of him and James Burton with my camera. The house lights went down and the sounds of 2001 started. A million thoughts went through my mind. I kept thinking, "so this is what it must have felt like." The crowd was electric and had a very good feel. It was a good crowd in both attendance and intensity. The curtain dropped and we were off on See See Rider. I couldn't believe how close I was to the players. I still cannot believe it. You could hear and feel the music. James' guitar licks were crisp and the band was just awesome.

They played Burning Love, Steamroller, I can't Stop Loving You, Johnny B. Goode (with band solos worked into the song), You Gave Me A Mountain, and then Polk Salad Annie. Polk Salad worked the audience in a frenzy and then, as Elvis would do, the slower You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' settled us down. Back up with Proud Mary, Never Been to Spain, and slower again with Just Pretend. The crowd was very excited when In the Ghetto started next, and during this song on the side screens they played photos of Elvis' youth. My wife and I had stopped at Tupelo (my 3rd visit there) on the way to Memphis and that experience made the photos of Elvis' youth all the more touching. Then the surprise of the night: unreleased Are You Lonesome Tonight from 1970 with Elvis playing the guitar. Elvis introduces the Imperials and they take center stage. They performed He Touched Me and it sounded identical to Elvis' version (except, of course, no Elvis). They are really a classy group. I can't stress how great they are! I love the Stamps but The Imperials deserve credit for not only backing Elvis but for being a world class group. Next follows "Bridge" and then intermission. The 17 songs seemed like they went by in 5 minutes. Whew! My mind was still blown at intermission (and it is still blown). I had feared that being so close would mean a bad view of the Elvis screen but my fears were unwarranted. I had an excellent view of all of the 3 screens and all of the players except Glenn Hardin. I could look up and see Joe Guercio and suddenly it was like I was living Elvis on Tour instead of just watching it. It was great. During intermission a person next to me said, "if you want a good autograph there's George Klein." George was just in the aisle and I walked up to him and was the last person there after he signed some autographs. A lot of people had left to go to the bathroom and get drinks. Again - I was in the right place at the right time. I asked him if I could touch his TCB necklace and he said sure and that it was one of the 12 original Elvis had made. I couldn't believe I was talking to George Klein and holding the TCB charm. I told George, "I have seen you a hundred times on Elvis on Tour." He turned around and smiled and said, "yea Elvis Himselvis" and patted me on the back and walked off. I'm thinking, "this is too much." I go back to my seat and there walks Janelle McComb, author of Priceless Gift (poem Elvis had written for Lisa). I said, "hello Ms. McComb - you wrote Priceless Gift." She shook my hand and smiled. Talk about getting your money's worth.

During intermission I also looked up and said, "hey that's Jerry Schilling." I walked up to him and shook his hand as he walked down the aisle. Talk about luck! Todd Morgan walked on stage and talked a little while and said that in 2002 there would be a show similar to the 1997 at the Pyramid in Memphis. He said, "you fans have promised that Elvis Week 2002 would be the biggest ever." I enjoy the Mid South personally because Elvis actually played there. That makes the show "work" in my opinion because you have Elvis' band and his venue. The show started back with Sweet Inspirations doing their hit "Sweet Inspiration." Sylvia was not present due to recovering from a stroke but Estelle, Portia, and Myrna put on a great performance. They all look great - especially Myrna who seems to have aged very well. They were all energy all night. Millie Kirkham was also energetic and put on a great performance all night. Given her age I would say she was very spunky! Elvis from 1968 came on the screen singing TROUBLE, and then the video cut to Hound Dog. It was time for some of the oldies as Hound Dog was followed by Don't Be Cruel, All Shook Up, Blue Suede Shoes, Heartbreak Hotel, One Night (which got the women all worked up), and Love Me Tender. Several Times in the show I found myself "looking" for Elvis on stage. Being so close I would find myself watching Tutt or Scheff or Burton and then look up and try to find Elvis on stage. I know it sounds crazy but it happend several times - especially during Love Me Tender as Elvis on screenw as kissing women. It really felt "real." It was great. Next up was Wonder of You which, like In The Ghetto earlier in the night, had a special montage of footage on the side screens in tribute to Elvis. Up next was Suspicious Minds which totally kicked everybody's butt. The energy of the song, the band, and Elvis was the most powerful concert experience I've ever had. That song just steamrolled the crowd. It was awesome. You could see it, hear it, and feel it. It was so powerful that it felt like Elvis was really there and it was really so powerful it didn't matter that he wasn't. That song worked and worked well! Following was I'll Remember You and Big Hunk of Love. My Way was next and it was a very emotional moment. In my mind I sorta visualized Elvis playing the piano (like he used to do on Unchained Melody) during the song and I could "feel" Elvis' presence. I got a little emotional during this song as it was very touching. The same was true of American Trilogy where the fans were standing and holding hands and swaying back and forth. It was almost a religous type experience. Then, sadly, was Can't Help Falling In Love and closing vamp. The crowd rushed the stage and being on the front row I followed. Being on the front of the stage and reaching up to shake hands with the band again made me think, "so this is what it felt like when fans reached out to Elvis at the close of his shows." I was able to shake hands with Ronnie Tutt, Portia Griffin, Jim Murray (Imperials), Terry Blackwood, and Joe Moscheo. Joe is a very classy guy. He had made eye contact with me at one point during the show and sorta winked / nodded and it really was special. I can't say enough about the Imperials. They were very impressive. Sherman was very close but didn't go to the edge of the stage. And - like a real Elvis show - before I knew it it was over. It was a priceless experience I'll never forget. Elvis would have been proud of his band - they took care of business. It was a wonderful experience and my mind is still blown. I took 24 photos and hope to get them developed tomorrow and I hope and pray they turn out. I'll let you know. Thanks for letting me share this experience with you.


Memphis, TN !

Well last weekend I went to see Elvis-The Concert on his 65th Birthday, in Memphis,Tn !!

I was only 10 months old when he died. It was the only show that was being done here in the United States. At times when you would watch the show, you could just for a moment actually see Elvis standing there.

It made me cry. It's so great to see that such a wonderful and handsome man could still be so famous after being dead 23years. Well after the show I got to hang out with James Burton. I had such a good time. He such a sweet man. My husband is friend with Mr. Burton.

My husband is in a band and he played for Mr. Burton in his club in Shreveport, LA. When I get some pics back from the show last weekend I'll send you some to use on here for Elvis in 2000.


London, UK

I'm actually writing this a full year after the concert and I am bursting with excitement at the thought of seeing the 13th March concert at the N.E.C. in Birmingham as part of the Elvis 2000 tour.

Thinking back to last year i remember entering the auditorium and seeing the great white sheet shrouded in a blue/purple light and the letters E.P. shining in the centre (i had a feeling how the audiences must have felt before a 'live' concert).The electricity of the audience was unbelievable, everyone was as excited as me (and my dad, who came with me to the show.... my wife didn't want to go... fool, and she says she is an Elvis fan!).

Hearing 2001 made the hair on my neck stand on end, i've heard this intro so many times before but never live,it was more exciting than i could have ever imagined. Then Ronnie Tutt started his bit and that was it, the place went wild ...the curtain lifted ... there was the band,THE BAND,then there was ELVIS!!! There's nothing i can really add about the song line-up,other than it was fantastic.

Hands up all of those that saw the concert and kept looking down from the screen to the stage to look at the man himself, i know i did.

p.s. I couldn't get a programme either.


Brisbane, Australia

And what a night it was, Nov 16 1999, Brisbane Entertainment Centre. The show was a SELL OUT!!!!!!!!, 10 000 people came and experienced a LEGEND, as I drove to the show a thunder storm loamed overhead , only adding to the drama of this memorable night. Cars streamed into the Ent Centres car park , I got there early and glad I did , as the crowd was big even then. And as I walked to the complex the storm broke , I got soaked to the skin. First thing I bought was a tour tee shirt and programme. Changed out of my wet shirt and into the concert tee.

I decided to soak up the atmosphere at the bar, and watched the excited throng file into the complex. A lovely lady started to talk to me about Elvis and showed me her snaps from Memphis 99, which she just happened to have with her!!!!!.As I took my seat I could feel the ELECTRICITY building in the building!!!!!!!, what a marvelous sight to behold as I watched the arena fill to capacity.

Then the lights dimmed, and the strains of 2001 numbed my senses, I had goose bumps the size of golf balls!!!!!!!!. Then as the brilliant Ronnie TUTT POUNDED on the drums the GREAT MAN BOUNDED ONTO THE STAGE !!!!. How fantastic he looked in his ALOHA suit, that nervous smile and into CC RIDER. What followed was 2 hours of sheer MAGIC, from the greatest entertainer of our time.There were many highlights for me, the opening was perfect cc and Burning Love got the crowd pumped, Just Pretend , Polk Salad , Luvin Feelin, were stand outs.Bridge brought the first part of the show to a close and to me this was stunning, how GOOD WAS THIS MAN!!!!!!!.

The second portion of the show was even better, Suspicious Minds brought the has down, and My Way a tear to my eye. All too soon Elvis starting singing Falling In Love and show was over, as I walked back to my car a warm feeling filled soul, soothed my mind, once again ELVIS HAD DELIVERED THE GOODS.Do not miss this show, if you get a chance to see it, it is spectactular.

Thank You for your time, Glen Thomas.

N.E.C Birmingham, England 13 March 2000

I went to see the show on the 13th March and it was the best night of my life. I went on my own as there is no one I know who like Elvis (I am 21), and I am glad I did.

I felt like a little girl, I couldn't stop crying, there was this strange feeling when I heard the 'Introduction music' and the lights went down.I felt like screaming at the top of my voice and jumping up and down. Now, I can understand how those girls felt when they saw him live !! I must say that I have never been like that before over anyone.

There was alot of people who were dressed up in jumpsuits and they were cheered as heros ! There was alot of people dancing in frount of the stage and it was a surprise to see alot of people my age enjoying the music and singing along to every song!

Alot of my favioute song were placed like 'Polk Salad Annie', 'I'll Remember You', 'See See Rider', You Gave Me A Mountain' and more. I was disappointed to see that they didnt have 'If I Can Dream' on the show, as I thought that it is a very good song to discribe his feelings and is still relevent to today as whats wrong with the world.

I felt that it was put together very well and my money was well spent. I did manage to get a programme and some souvenirs, unlike over reviews I have read.

Although I wasn't around to see him when he was alive this , I think, is the next best thing. It did feel as if Elvis was in the building again, giving it all his energy and passion as on his he did when he was alive.

I even feel quite emotional writing this and listening to the official CD.

Thank you

Rotterdam, 8 March 2000

Hello Elvis friends,

I saw the concert in Rotterdam on March 8th. There were two concerts. Both completely sold out ! More than 15.000 people saw these concerts.

When the Opening Riff started the big curtains fell down. Just for a moment the crowd stopped shouting because we felt this was something we would never see again. It was almost as if the King himself would apear on the stage. The TCB guys, the Sweet Inspirations and the Stamps Quartet were great ! I never saw the King himself on stage but I felt this was an experience that must have been close to the real concert experience.

It was a great concert. There was a big choir to support Elvis on Bridge on troubled water and the American Trilogy.

After the Closing Riff we heard the speaker say "Elvis has left the building, thank you and goodnight". And that's the way I felt it.

It was an experience that I won't forget.

Erik Hendrik