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You saw the New Concerts?

The Elvis Concert, Naples, FL

I am 27 years old and Elvis died when I was 4. My father saw Elvis at the Garden in NY in 1972 and it just amazes me that he was 10 rows away from the most brilliant, energetic, sweetest, sincerest, strongest but yet child-like man that I will ever know. Obviously it was because of my father that I am a big fan. we would watch all the movies on Sundays and listen to his songs, dancing together. But it wasn't until I got older that I really became interested in the remarkable man that Elvis really was. He became the person I turned to during my time of troubles and I feel like I could feel his pain, his worries about his career and about how his personal life was. I listen to Elvis everyday and people call me crazy but when that man hits those deep notes, I just get chills! My boyfriend bought me "An Afternoon at the Garden.", which is the show my father saw. and I don't know if its because it was a new York crowd but the screens after each song just give me goose bumps. I love hearing that crowd roar and picturing my father there watching "The King of Rock & Roll". It's stupid, but it sort of makes me feel like I was there.

So I found out about the concert when I went to Graceland this past November. I kept looking on the internet and I finally saw that they would be coming back to the States in May. My boyfriend and I made plans to go down to Florida. I was so excited that my boyfriend laughed at me that whole night before the show because he saw how nervous I was. I didn't know how I was going to react. I didn't know if I was going to cry, (I cried at Graceland, because I knew looking down at his plot that that was the closest that I would ever be to him).

Anyway, the philharmonic center for the arts was packed. We had 6th row, the music comes on and the next thing I know Elvis is on this huge screen singing See See Rider. I am trying take everything in at one time. It was so hard because my eyes weren't moving fast enough. The music is blasting and it sounded so so so great!!! It was wonderful to hear his music so loud. Most of the crowd was old and I mean old so it kind of took away that feeling of going to a concert and getting up and letting yourself go. The footage they showed of Elvis were documentaries that I have watched a million times over and I can repeat everything word for word, even his moans, grunts, and moves. The best was after the intermission, they showed Elvis singing "Are you looking for trouble" from his 68 Special. He looked so damn good on that big screen!!!!!

What also amazed me was how each person in the band had a TV screen so that they could also watch Elvis and follow his moves.

There were several moments that night that I felt like I was going to cry, because I wanted so bad for him to be there in person. But in reality if he was there in person I don't think that I could take seeing him leave the stage at the end of the show and watch him walk away.

The show obviously was not long enough for me. I could have stayed there all night. At the end of the show my boyfriend and I decided to go for drinks. the only place open was Chili's so we went in and sat near the bar. We were there about an hour and my boyfriend said to me "isn't that the band coming in"? I turned an couldn't believe my eyes. I was in shock, the closest thing to Elvis besides his family was his band. after they finally sat down I went up to Myrna Smith, who by the way is so beautiful, and I told her that I saw the show. she was very nice and friendly actually they were all very nice and friendly. I talked to them for awhile but they were eating and I didn't want to be rude. As we were leaving, we had a hard time passing through because someone had left a broom in the way and Joe Guercio came over and moved it out of the way!! I couldn't believe it was him. He was so nice and so funny. I had to touch his arm just because I knew that Elvis had to have touched him at one point. I know it was silly but I just couldn't help myself. He told me that they are planning to come to NY (his hometown) but they didn't know when. He said he'd call me!!!!!

That night was the most amazing night of my life. I felt that Elvis was there and made that happen for me. He had given me a piece of happiness that I will never forget for the rest of my life!!!! Elvis has touched my soul even though I never met him or saw him live!!!!


From Alison Francis, Birmingham, England.

I saw the concert in Feb 2000 when it came to Birmingham. I had the tickets given to me for my 21st birthday in December but had the tickets proudly displayed since September 1999.

As the night grew closer I didn't know quite what to expect. On my way there I was nervous and excited. As I took my seat I saw people dressed as Elvis and they were cheered and clapped as they took their seats. Then the lights went down and the '2001' music started and the whole place, which was sold out (the NEC holds 2000 people), started to cheer, scream and shout. Then as the theme kicked in, there he was in all his glory all of a sudden I felt this feeling overwhelm me. The next thing I found myself doing was crying, clapping almost jumping up and down with excitement.

Now I don't normally do this kind of thing but I do get a lump in my throat when I see an Elvis film or hear a classic heart felt song. As he burst into 'See See Rider' I looked out and everyone acting the same as me ! If I had closed my eyes for a second it was if he was there. You could feel the energy that he and the musicians were creating.

The highlight was 'You Gave Me A Mountain I feel so much passion in that song and Elvis gave it his all. I still get a lump in my throat listening to the song on the CD.

As the break came it gave me a chance to look around. Before I came my friends had said that it would be full of 'old' people (no offence) But they were around and of his generation and they are the people who made him famous and saw him rise to fame. But as I looked I could see people of my age and even little kids and it only confirmed what I believed that Elvis music will last long after his generation have passed on.

By the end of the night my voice was hardly there and I had cried a river. I felt that I had witnessed a 'live' concert of one of the worlds greatest entertainers.

I am very proud to call myself an Elvis fan and wish that I had my own Elvis concert 2000 with big screen to watch anytime I like.

I am planning to visit Graceland in 2002 for the 25th anniversary of his death and I wish to thank him in person for making my life better and for giving the world his gift.

Email me: alicatreadingelvis@francisa71.freeserve.co.uk

Alison Francis
TCB for Elvis into the next generation

From Phillip Glass, England

Hi, I'm from England and I'd just like to comment on Elvis's concert tour for your website.

I wasn't even born when Elvis Presley died but Im grew up listening to his music and have been a dedicated fan all of my life. I am 19 now and I was at Elvis's first concert in England.

What annoyed me about this concert was the lack of coverage it got on the news programs. This concert changed history and stamped Elvis's name into the record books for the billionth time. I got my ticket late but I got an e xcel;lent seat and thought that the concert was simply fantastic. The atmosphere was great and you could feel a presence from Elvis. That presence was in his music. Every song meant something special to someone and the highlight for me was How Great Thou Art, though my favourite 'live' Elvis songs have always been Johnny B. Goode and Never Been To Spain.

There was a sad note in the air, though, in knowing that Elvis wasn't there. If you're one of those people who believe in the a fterlife then I think it's fair to say that Elvis would have been watching from Heaven and had every right to be damn proud of his acheivements. Elvis will never die.


Phillip Glass
Middlesbrough, England

Elvis the Concert - October 15, 2000 Rosemont, IL.

My husband and I attended Elvis the Concert in Rosemont, Illinois on October 15, 2000. It was incredible! We arrived early and were disappointed when we found our seats. They were near the back and on the far right side of the stage. Our view was partially blocked. To our surprise, an usher asked us to follow her. She led us to seats in the orchestra pit. We were only 5 feet from the stage. It seemed too good to be true. The lights dimmed and the Theme from 2001 began. The curtain went up and the audience went wild! There was electricity in the air. Elvis was on screen larger than life. I was not fortunate enough to see Elvis in concert while he was alive, but this was the next best thing. It was as exciting as any live concert I've ever seen. I must admit that I was taken back a little when I saw how the musicians had aged a bit. The TCB band and Elvis are forever young in my mind, I guess. They've all aged well, though! They played their hearts out for us and never missed a note. I'm sure Elvis would have been pleased. The group was clearly having as much fun as we were in the audience.

During intermission I was lucky enough to meet Joe Esposito (Elvis' road manager) in the lobby and get his autograph. He was not there with the tour. He just happened to be in town visiting his brother. Although the show included over 30 of my favorite Elvis tunes, it was over in a flash. Time flies when you're having fun. After the show I got to meet and shake hands with James Burton, Ronnie Tutt, Glen Hardin, Jerry Scheff, the Sweet Inspirations, and the Imperials. I was on cloud nine! It was a once in lifetime event that I will never forget. The only disappointment was that there were not more people there to enjoy this amazing event. The theatre was only about half full. I think the reason is due to lack of advertisement - We all know that it's not due to lack of Elvis fans!

Lois Memphiskid@hotmail.com

Elvis the Concert - Nashville, Tenneesse

I was able to go to the Elvis The Concert in Nashville, Tenneesse and it was an experience I will never forget and I still tell people about today. When I was a child, my uncle whom was only 10 years older than I, was a well devoted fan and we watched every t.v. special he had. For many years I thought Elvis was the only person on earth that sang because that was all we listened to. My uncle had promised to take me to a concert to see elvis when he came a little closer to home, but unfortunately that never happened. Elvis soon died and I remember crying for, oh so long. I was only the age of his own daughter but he had made such an impact in my life and he gave me the beat and talent that I have today, just by watching his every move. But my uncle did keep his promise, he called and asked me if I wanted to go and see Elvis, immediately I answered yes! It was about 20 years later than I had expected but not at all disappointing. My husband is a great fan of elvis also, and he too enjoyed the concert. He was so excited afterwards that he stood there talking of only if he could get back stage and talk to the groups. Suddenly, out of no where two men walked up to us and said "did I hear you say you would like to go back stage?" Of course my husband said "yes" and the two men gave us two back stage passes and said "you guys go and have fun" and that we did. We talked to the group members about what Elvis was really like and the gifts he had given to them, they signed our book and it felt as though elvis himself was there. I'd love to see the concert again. Thanks for keeping Elvis alive!

Melissa Norris