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August 11, 1973. Midnight Show. Las Vegas

Vegas Visitor:
Hilton's "All shook up"
By Barney Glazer

He's moved trom Heartbreak Hotel to the Hilton, but he's still leaving them "All Shook Up".

That's the way it is at the Las Vegas Hilton where Elvis Presley, America's number one superstar, has returned for another record smashing engagement. From the moment the tall, jet-black haired, blue-eyed singer walks out on the huge Hilton stage, shrieks and screams cut throught the air and feminine arms raise high like waving stalks of wheat in the wind.

Backed by J.D. Summer and the Stamps Quartet, plus his own skillful sidemen and Joe Guercio directing the 35-member Hilton orchestra, Elvis sings 'em old and new, light and heavy, slow and furious. Each number is something of a dramatic happening. It looks like the Monday morning rush at a basement bargain sale, but the King obliges and comes away nursing his bruised lips. Some ladies are out for blood. "Hang on ladies, I'm free now, you know" he says in obvious reference to his recent divorce.

He clobbers them with a medley of oldies, including "Hound Dog," "Blue Suede Shoes," and a dozen other inimitable Presley greats. In short, Elvis at the Hilton proves once again what everyone has known for a long time. The King is still King... and nobody is challenging him to his throne.