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CONCERT DATE: April 24, 1977 (8:30 pm). Ann Arbor, MI. Crisler Arena

They're All Shook Up!
by Jim Kane
The Ann Arbor News
April 25, 1977

Crisler Arena became "Elvis Presley Arena for a while Sunday night."

The more than 14,000 persons who crowded into the cavernous confines to hear their hero sing ranged in age from three to 73 and came from as far as Indiana to hear The King of Rock and Roll. The concert was sponsored by the U-M's Office of Major Events.

Presley, in the form of souvenirs, was everywhere. He was on pennants, earrings, necklaces, photographs, books of photos, paintings, belt buckles, buttons and posters. It's amazing a likeness of him wasn't stamped on the hot dogs hungry fans were gobbling down.

A carnival atmosphere pervaded with vendors hawking their wares.

although most of those attending the concert were Presley fans, there were some who came just along for the ride because they were curious.

And there were the real diehard FANS. Like Bill and Diane Chandler who came all the way from Richmond, Ind and have been fans of Presley for 20 years.

Diane is an obvious Presley devotee, wearing earrings she made with Presley's picture on it and a white tie with his picture. On her back was a caricature of Presley drawn by her husband.

"He's just a super person. We have all but eight of his albums." Diane said, touching her Presley tie. The Chandlers have seen Presley in concert nine times.

Just mention Elvis and Michael McGee's eyes light up. The six-year old wearing a baseball cap and an Elvis button, just grinned and munched eagerly on his M&M's when asked about the superstar. His dad, Edward McGee of Saline, said Michael likes all of Presley's songs.

Sunday's concert was the third time Phyllis Squires and Donna Steele of Battle Creek had seen "their main man"

Squires doesn't mind Presley is getting a little heavier these days, and said, "I like his body. Even if he's getting fat, there's that much more to love." She plans to catch another Presley concert in Kalamazoo next week. But she has her ticket already Squires stood in line for 16 hours for it.

Mrs. Jo Governale of Owosso, who was attending the concert with her daughter, said she likes Presley's music and also admires him as a human being

Lena Schwartz, 22 from Dearborn has been waiting 15 years to meet Presley. She even has bruises on her body to prove her love for him. Lena says he got them while trying to get near her idol during the concert at Olympia in Detroit Friday night. Lena and her sister Jennie have seen Presley seven times in concert. Lena had a plaque engraved saying "To Elvis, King of Entertainment."

Although, she didn't get to meet Presley, she did manage to give him the plaque later on during the concert.

Mission accomplished.

Courtesy of Ron Theisen