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CONCERT DATE: February 17, 1977. Savannah, GA.

Elvis Wows 'Em
Savannah Evening Press
February 18, 1977

Elvis Presley better known as the King of Rock and Roll, dished out much of his noted musical and vocal pattern before some 8,000 screaming fans in the Savannah Civic Center last night. Above, many of the fans waited in eager anticipation for Elvis' arrival, which came with music from 2001 - A Space Odyssey" heralding the entrance of the Rock Emperor Civic Center manager Al "Hap" Jennings said last night's concert was handled with hardly any problems and that local fans responded well to Presley's elaborate security arrangements to prevent charging of the stage by avid onlookers. Jennings said Elvis' show ran 20 minutes over the scheduled time as the rock star responded to the enthusiasm of the Coastal Empire Crowd.

Courtesy of Francesc Lopez