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CONCERT DATE: February 17, 1977. Savannah, GA.

Guard Set For 'the King'
Savannah Morning News
February 17, 1977

In case any of the more avid Elvis Presley fans who are planning to attend his sold-out concert at the Civic Center tonight get carried away and decide to charge him, the center is providing 16 Savannah policemen to surround the stage and protect the famous singer.

Presley was to arrive in Savannah by private plane late Wednesday night. Reportedly, he was to stay at the DeSoto Hilton Hotel.

There were policemen on the 12th and 13th floors of the hotel Wednesday night to provide security for the singer. The detail was under the command of Savannah Police Department Lt. Robert Henry.

According to policemen at the scene, Presley's staff asked for "the biggest, huskiest," policemen to guard their boss, and one policewoman who asked for a turnat security duty was turned down.

To handle the overflow traffic expected from the approximately 8,000 concert-goers plus people attending the free showing of a Kodak travelogue film in the theatre (tickets must be obtained in advance from the Photocraft store at 12 W. State St.) there will be a fleet of policemen directing traffic around the center, Savannah police department public information officer Bill Lieberman said.

However, it appears that late coming drivers will fare slightly better than early birds, since once the Civic Center parking lot, which costs 50 cents, is full, drivers will be directed to the parking lot at the Visitors Center on West Broad Street, which will be provided free, Lieberman said.

Meanwhile Wednesday, Savannah Mayor John P. Rousakis told the Morning News that he had received a report of the possibility of counterfeit Presley concert tickets being sold in the area.

He said he hoped that prospective buyers will be careful in purchasing tickets, and that they will take pains to know something about the credibility of the seller before handing over any money.

Courtesy of Francesc Lopez