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CONCERT DATE: August 28, 1976. Houston, TX.

Screams Say Elvis Still Is King
by Wiley Alexander
Houston News
September 1, 1976

Elvis has gone, but here's a few more tidbits before the screams die down.

For example, did you know some people actually criticized his performance? That's right, criticized

"He was half-tight," one irritated fan said after the perfomance. "I couldn't understand a word he said. All he did was mumble.

Another fan was upset by the sound system, as was Elvis. "The sound kept fading out," the fan said, "and we could only hear about half the songs."

Four or five times during his performance, Elvis criticized the sound system. He explained that the sound truck with the equipment normally used in his shows turned over and a substitute system was installed.


Still, though, even with a faulty sound system and a few disgruntled spectators, the performance was a smashing success.

"He made me cry," one red-eyed girl said. "He's the greatest, just the greatest."

Elvis tee-shirts were everywhere. Elvis pictures were everywhere. Elvis signs were everywhere.

When it was time for him to come on stage, a sense of excitement gripped the audience.

Screams started even before he appeared. just the thought he was coming stirred emotions.


Then, when he did appear, the sound was deafening. Fans of all ages were screaming, proving that the Elvis charm is no respector of age.

When he put on his guitar, walked up in the microphone and started singing "C.C. Rider," the roar became even louder.

The darkened arena lit up like noon Saturday as flashbulbs began popping.

Fans pushed up front to try to get a scarf Elvis was giving out. He would hand scarf after scarf to anxious hands, keeping Charlie Hodge busy replacing them. Hodge sings harmony with Elvis and also keeps him supplied with scarves.

Elvis went from one of his hits to another, much in the delight of the jam packed arena


Each movement of Elvis was met with screams. He sang "Fever," and threw in some extra wiggles which brought extra roars.

Elvis is still magic. He stirs emotions like few performers can.

Some people call him old and others call him overweight. He may be, but the 10,000 fans who saw him last Friday still call him King.

Courtesy of Geoffrey Mc Donnell