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CONCERT DATE: October 9, 1974 (8.30 pm) Abilene, TX.

Elvis Brings Down House
by Jim Conley
Abilene Reporter News
October 10, 1974

A record Taylor County Coliseum crowd of more than 8,600 watched dazzling, golden-voiced Elvis Presley virtually bring the house down here Wednesday night.

People who had said they wouldn't believe Elvis would actually come to Abilene finally were convinced at about 9:30 pm or so, when the warm-up for "the KIng Rock'n'Roll ended and Presley himself came on stage to thunderous applause and screams.

Singing hit after hit, Elvis captured the audience with nearly 20 years of singing stardom.

THE CROWD of 8,606 breaks the former record for one Coliseum show set by Lawrence Welk in a March 8 appearance when 8,331 attended. The Coliseum opened in September, 1969

Wednesday night's attendance was 70 higher than previously announced ticket sales because early in the day 70 more seats beside the stage - formerly not approved by the Presley organization - were okayed for sale, said Coliseum Mgr. Joe Colley.

The manager said his personnel called the next 70 people in line for tickets and quickly sold those Wednesday.

Presley's group of about 65 to 75 singers, musicians and others arrived by plane at Abilene Municipal Airport about 1:30 pm, then went by chartered bus to the Hilton Inn.

Newsmen and other people were apparently outwitted by Elvis himself, whose arrival was unannounced but took place shortly after the first plane's landing.

SEVERAL ABILENE women noticed large white luxury automobiles at the airport about 2 pm and guessed correctly that they were awaiting Elvis.

The women followed Elvis' entourage to the Hilton after his arrival and called out a few brief "hellos" and other greetings, which they said he answered. They reported that the singer was accompanied by an attractive, mini-skirted young lady whom he kissed frequently on the drive from the airport to the motor hotel.