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Fans Wild Over Elvis In Show At Coliseum
by Dick Conrad
New Haven Courier-Journal
July 17, 1975

"Elvis: I Love You," said the sign hanging from the railing in back of the stage at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum Wednesday night.

The signature of Debbie Persano, and the appropriate XOX, were at the bottom of the love note, but it became obvious later that many of the 10,000 plus in attendance would have been glad to add their names.

Gurgling in to the microphone, swaying like the Elvis of old and singing at least as well, Presley more than satisfied the faithful who paid $10, $7.50 and $5 to get in.

The crowd was a mixture of "teens and persons in the 20 to 35 age range. Everyone brought a camera.

Presley came on only after the audience endured a mel singing group and a comedian and enjoyed "Sweet Inspiration," a female group.

The master of ceremonies patiently asked everyone to take his or her seat, and then, to the strains of the famous opening of the movie "Space Odyssey," Elvis charged onto the stage.

So much for staying in the seats. The flash bulbs popped and thousands screamed. About a hundred charged the stage as Elvis went into "See See Rider."

For many of the others who risked their ribs, there was a good supply of spare articles of clothing, which Presley distributed after a cursory wrap around the neck.

He accepted several bouquets of roses, but rejected a bottle of champagne.

"Amen" came next, and then some assorted gurgling that sent shock waves through the crowd.

"Play rock and roll" and "I love you , Elvis" came from everywhere in the house. But next was the popular "If You Love Me Let Me Know" before a lot of the old favorites.

Presley finally asked the throngs to sit down, just before a few persons almost managed to get on the stage.

The show was a success. Police reported little trouble despite the frenzy inside.

Courtesy of Scott