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CONCERT DATE: September 1, 1976 (8:30 pm) Jacksonville, FL. Coliseum.

Elvis Presley Lets 'Em Know He's Still The King
by Frank Young
The Florida Times-Union
September 2, 1976

Elvis Presley lets 'em know right off why they call him King.

Ten thousand-plus screaming subjects paid tribute to the King in a packed Coliseum Wednesday night.

Before the concert, hawkers were selling color portraits, programs, buttons, pins, and what were being touted as "Elvis Super Souveniers" - anywhere from $1 to $5. Tight-fitting Elvis shirts were in abundance. Plainclothes police milled through the crowd outside the Coliseum, watching for scalpers, who could easily be spotted selling tickets at inflated prices.

The pre-Intermission warm-up groups were good enough on their own, but they were completely overshadowed by the unseen presence of the King himself.

From the moment the lights dimmed, at exactly 9:40 p.m., following the intermission, Presley was in command.

No taping of the show or movies was permitted, but snapshots were allowed, and the interior of the Coliseum flashed like Chinese fireworks.

Overly enthusiastic fans rushed the stage and had to be pushed back by policemen.

PRESLEY QUICKLY demonstrated why he can still send his loyal fans into a frenzy. Fans surged toward the stage again and Presley removed a scarf he was wearing - handing it to a small boy with outstretched hands.

Scores more rushed the stage, hands outstretched to receive one. Throughout the remainder of the concert, Presley continued to slip scarf after scarf from his neck, tossing them into the screaming crowd.

ATTIRED IN a white silk shirt and light blue sequined vest and pants, a huge diamond ring flashing from his left hand as he slapped his guitar. Presley performed both his old favorites and many of newer songs.

The audience included the middle aged, who first heard Presley twenty years ago, as well as the young, all of them rocking along with every sound.

The 11-piece back-up band was a far cry from the early days when Presley toured the country with only a handful of guitars and a drummer.

IN 1956, ELVIS brought country, hillbilly, rhythm and blues and put it all together to become rock and roll's first Superstar.

Even age, however, has had no effect on his following.

Presley, whose once trim physique is now slightly rounded, started towards the big time criss-crossing country in one-night stands in used cars.

Early Wednesday morning, he flew into Jacksonville in his own private four-engine jet. From Jacksonville International Airport, he and his entourage of more than twenty, were whisked by motorcade to the Hilton Hotel, where they reportedly occupied two floors.