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Elvis: Fat, 42, But Still a King
By Beverly McCarley
Amarillo Globe-Times
March 25, 1977

Surviving the scramble to touch the hem of the king of rock'n'roll, an Amarillo woman got a piece of the action after Elvis Presley strode on stage.

As more than 7,000 persons at the Civic Center moaned and swayed last night, Missy Turner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Turner of 1706 Broadmoor, leaped eight rows of seats to stand before the king.

She got a white scarf for her trouble.

"I had to work for this," she said, holding up the smudged scarf. "He was throwing some of the scarves to some women, but I had to jump to the air to get this."

But one of Elvis' biggest hits, "Heartbreak Hotel," could have characterized the rest of the fans who had harder luck.

Dodging spell-bound fans, and usher and several security guards, Miss Turner startled the 42-year old rock star.

"He looked frightened or shocked when I was just standing there," said Miss Turner, who left her date in the eighth-row seats, "like he didn't know what to think."

Women in their 50's, screaming and clapping, mingled with other fans to hear "Love Me Tender," and other gold-record hits.

"When he sang Love Me Tender, I just melted," Miss Turner said, fondling the scarf tenderly. "I'm going to put a date on this (scarf) and put it in a box, and I hope I see him again."

Her date, Mert Grayson of 1713 LaSalle, said the rock star's image is changing.

"Elvis seems more reserved than he was when he was younger," he said . He is changing with the times and not trying to stay the same."

The concert's audience, which included GRayson's 6-year-old niece, even jammed the areas behind the stage for Elvis' first Amarillo appearance since 1974.

"He's fat and 42, but he's still got it," said Miss Turner, who added she had seen all his movies but had never seen the living legend in person.

"It was the most wonderful concert I have even been to," Miss Turner, 19, of 1115 S. Jackson, said. "Everyone was decent and there was no trouble."