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CONCERT DATE: June 30, 1974 (3:00 pm) Omaha, NE. Omaha Civic Center.

Elvis Wows Omaha
By Kathy Moore
Lincoln Nebraska Journal
July 1, 1974

Elvis Presley left the audience screaming for more here Sunday afternoon.

In his first Omaha appearance since 1956, Presley left no doubt that he is still king to many music lovers. Performing to all ages, he brought the house down with renditions of his more popular tunes, as well as performing other artists' songs.

The 10,000-seat Omaha Civic Auditorium was jampacked. Grandmothers and teen-agers alike cheered the singing star, who wore a sleek white outfit emblazoned with glittering stripes of graduated blue color down the sides.

Presley handed screaming young girls silk scarves from the stage throughout his 60 minutes on it.

The 2:30 concert was announced as his complete show, direct from Las Vegas, and included three backup groups. The professionalism and expertise brought a glimpse of the big time to the Midwest crowd. Barkers selling souvenirs and the anxiety of the audience made for a carnival-like atmosphere.

Presley's arrival in Omaha was a well planned and executed maneuver. Security included an estimated 200 uniformed policemen at the concert, Auditorium Manager Charlie Mancuso said No interviews or press conferences were scheduled for the recording artist.

Presley is staying on the 16th floor of the Omaha Hilton hotel. Before taking Presley's breakfast in to the room, a hotel employe was searched by a security officer, another hotel employe said. At lunch, she said, police came down to take the food personally to Presley's room.

Col. Tom Parker, Presley's personal manager, was seen leaving the Hilton Sunday afternoon, reportedly to fly to the site of Presley's next engagement to complete arrangements.

Parker passed through the lobby almost unnoticed, dressed casually in a blue and white sports outfit and toting a large cigar. He was barely distinguishable from any other middle-aged tourist, except that he stepped into a large limousine that had just been packed with luggage bearing Presley's name.

The show was part of an 18-day tour featuring 25 concerts. Omaha scheduled three concerts. Two were held sunday and one was slated for 8:30 p.m.