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CONCERT DATE: February 18, 1973 MS. Las Vegas, NV. Las Vegas Hilton.

Elvis Gets Ovation For One Punch
By The Associated Press
Syracuse Herald-Journal
February 22, 1973

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) -- Singer Elvis Presley got a standing ovation during a show here - but it wasn't for his singing.

Presley was on stage at the Las Vegas Hilton when four men climbed out of the crowd of 1,750, interrupting his act. A hotel spokesman said Presley used a karate-like chop to knock one of the men from the stage. A band member tackled another and the remaining two left quickly. The crowd gave a big ovation.

The men were booked for investigation of drunkness, but Clark County sheriff's deputies said Presley did not press charges. No injuries were reported.