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CONCERT DATE: September 1, 1976 (8:30 pm) Jacksonville, FL. Coliseum.

Presley's In town To Rock Sell-Out Crowd
Jacksonville Journal
September 1, 1976

King of rock 'n' roll Elvis Presley deplaned shortly after midnight at a Jacksonville airport in a cloud of secrecy, but he'll be performing in the Coliseum here at 8:30 tonight to a sell-out crowd.

It was raining when Presley's four engine TBF (standing for Tend Business First) landed and he was the first to get off, being greeted by his manager, Col. Tom Parker.

Only a few people apparently accompanied Presley on the trip although the aircraft reportedly has accommodations for about 20 persons. Parker has a plane of his own. He was expected to wing to Lakeland today in preparation for Presley performances in that area this week.

This will be Presley's fourth time to sing this city. The last time the 41-year old singer-movie star was here was when he appeared in the Coliseum April 25, 1975.

Deputy Director of Police Services Irving GRiffin, a friend of Parker's and who is head of police security here said there should be no problems during tonight's performance.

"He has the finest audience in the world," said . "He draws from everybody."

The former truck driver whose first record was "Blue Moon of Kentucky" and "That's All Right, Mama" on the Sun label, sing to 10,480 persons last night in Macon, GA.

Coliseum bookkeeper Vicki Younis said that the only problem involved two or three fights between women over scarves he threw from the stage during his performance. No arrests were made.

"Most of the girls were close enough to the stage to be handed the scarves," she said.

There was a traffic problem, but show-goers behaved themselves. Tickets were sold out two days after they were offered in July.

Griffin said Presley was wearing sun glasses and a blue sweat suit when he left the plane, got into a car and was whisked away to the Hilton Hotel.

A small crowd of fans were waiting for the entertainer, but they did not see him. Officers said an elevator was blocked off for public use and the recording artist was able to go to his room without seeing them.

Two floors reportedly have been reserved for Presley, performers, private guards and others. An accountant said as many as 75 persons associated with the entertainer may be with him.

Griffin said Parker told him it cost an estimated $60,000 to $63,000 while Presley is on tour. Some of the money goes for living, expenses for Presley's party.

A Hilton Hotel operator said Presley was not registered there, but a law officer said a door has been installed in the hallway where his room is located and guards are posted on both sides, as well as at the elevator, in order to keep fans from seeing him offstage.

Among the more than 10,200 persons watching tonight's show will be William Stanley of Jacksonville Beach. His sons, David, 21, and Ricky, 22 work for the star.

Stanley was formerly married to Presley's stepmother, Mrs. Vernon Presley, David Stanley and Ricky Stanley also are Mrs. Presley's sons and were visited by their father today.

William Stanley had an opportunity to talk to Presley when he saw his sons.

"We are friends and have been for years" said Stanley, adding that watching the performance will be part of celebrating his 55th birthday.

Griffin described Presley "as one of the nicest guys you will ever meet in your life with a heart as big as the world.

He said he did not know what Presley's plans for the day were because "Elvis is his own man."