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CONCERT DATE: October 2, 1974 (8:30 pm) St. Paul, MN. Civic Center.

Elvis Still Makes 'Em Scream
Mike Sweeney
St Paul Pioneer Press
October 3, 1974

Elvis Presley, noticeably plump in a white jumpsuit with a peacock on the back, rode the nostalgia wave into the St. Paul Civic Center Auditorium Wednesday night.

"This is a huge building," the 39-year-old acknowledged king of '50's rock and roll told some 17,000 fans. "What is this, the Astrodome?"

He began his 50-minute concert with "See See Rider," an early tune that set the pace for the evening.

Elvis' fans, including teeny-bop bubblegummers, middle-aged women with beehive hairdos and grandparents, seemed to love it.

As Elvis took his audience through the 1959s with songs like "I Got A Woman," "Treat Me Like A Fool," "Blue Suedes Shoes" and his trademark "Hound Dog," he periodically bantered with the audience and called twice on backup vocalists.

As his backup groups sang and he wandered the stage talking with the audience. Elvis seemed tired. He looked tired - like a man on the brink of middle-age with an enormous reputation to uphold.

Elvis played his reputation as a hip-swinging, hair-tousled, pout-lipped rock star to the hilt.

The fans loved it, at least those close enough to see clearly, as he shot a hip hither and a shoulder yon to the beat of a drum.

Screams, which marked Elvis' concerts in years gone by, were heard periodically throughout the evening and woman flocked near the stageto catch one of dozen or more silk scarves he intermittently tossed to the audience.

The scarf catchers were an unusual seatterd group of women grasping at a legend.

Twice, Elvis lay or knelt on the stage and briefly kissed two scarf catchers. The second one a young girl politely said. "Thank you"

Elvis' renditions of the upbeat tunes which made him famous like "hound Dog," scored well with the audience as memory grabbers, but lacked the verve and vitality which is why most folks remember them.

His ballads such as "Hawaiian Wedding Song" scored less on the reaction scale, but were delivered better and reminded the audience Elvis can indeed sing a fine song when not image-living

He ended with "Can't Help Falling In Love With You," which brought numerous women to the stage lip, screaming "Elvis!" and reaching to tough his hands .

Elvis gave the audience what it wanted and it appeared appreciative.

After all, as the king himself told his fans after a short explanation at his large rings containing 11 half carat stones: "The reason I'm telling you about these rings is that you help pay for them".

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