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CONCERT DATE: May 26, 1977 (8: 30 pm) Binghamton, NY.

Elvis keeps his arrival plans secret
by Jeff Share
The Sun Bulletin
May 25, 1977

Elvis Presley's arrival in Broome County apparently is going to remain a secret until the very last minute

Charles Theokas, manager of the Broome County Veteran's Memorial Arena where Presley will perform tomorrow night and Friday night, said Presley spokesmen have not even told him exactly when Elvis will arrive.

Theokas said he expects Elvis to fly in early tomorrow morning. Other sources, however, have said that Elvis and his entourage may fly in tonight after his show in Rochester.

Theokas said Presley's spokesmen are deliberately withholding information on the star's arrival in order to prevent security leaks.

When Presley, who performed Monday night in Providence, R.I. does arrive at Broome County Airport, it will be on board a plane chartered from Commuter Airlines. An airline spokesman refused to give any details of the flight arrangements.

Theokas said he expects to meet with Presley's representatives this morning to iron out security arrangements.

A desk employe at the Binghamton Treadway Inn, where Elvis and his entourage will take over two floors, said most of the staff members have also been kept in the dark on the arrangements being made for Presley.

When asked if hotel workers were excited about the visit by the 42-year-old rock and roll legend, the employe merely shrugged his shoulder.

"We had Bob Hope when he came in, Engelbert (Humperdinck) and Freddie Fender last week. What can you say? They're all nice guys," he said.

The Presley show was sold out within hours after tickets went on sale ten weeks ago. Each show will be between two and a half and three hours long, Theokas said.

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