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CONCERT DATE: May 26, 1977 (8: 30 pm) Binghamton, NY.

Elvis eludes fans in midnight arrival
by Jeff Share
The Sun Bulletin
May 25, 1977

Under the guise of darkness broken only by the airport's blue runaway lights and half-moon. Elvis Presley touched down in Broome County at 12:16 this morning

The 42-year-old living legend of rock and roll arrived at the Broome County Airport aboard his privately owned four-engine passenger jet, which airport officials said was one of the largest ever to land in the county.

Presley will perform at the Broome County Arena tonight and tomorrow night.

Presley and several members of his 80-man entourage who flew in with him were immediately whisked by waiting limousine to the Binghamton Treadway Inn. As a security measure, Binghamton police blocked off several blocks around the hotel.

Two more planes carrying persons, in Elvis shows will arrive here at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. today. A fourth plane filled with advance men arrived earlier last night.

About 30 fans, from 14 to 60 anxiously awaited Elvis arrival in a roped off area next to a gate where airport security men said "The King" would be driven through.

As the spectators - most of them women - screamed, cried and waved, the limousines suddenly appeared on a different road behind the crowd and drove off. Several women raced back across a small field to catch a fleeting glimpse of the star. Some fell into a drainage ditch in their attempts.

Embarrassed security guards apologized to the crowd, claiming they had no idea the limousine route would be changed.

Some of the spectators, like Kathy Wolcott, 36 of 61 Decatur St. Binghamton and her daughter, Toni, 15, waited several hours to see Elvis.

Wolcott said she has not slept since the Presley tickets went on sale and were quickly grabbed up 10 weeks ago.

"Ever since I saw him wiggle those hips on the Ed Sullivan Show 23 years ago, he's been number one by me. I can't explain it, but he's fantastic and just gets better every year," Wolcott said.

"I even told my husband that I'd throw him out of the house for Elvis," Wolcott joked

A member of the airport security force - which was quadrupled for Elvis' arrival - claimed one woman offered him $100 if he could round up some Presley's dirty underwear.

Courtesy of Francesc Lopez