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Over 15,000 turn out to see "king" perform
by KIM PRICE News Staff Writer
The Tuscaloosa News

Over 15,000 screaming clapping and cheering fans witnessed the "King of Rock 'N' Roll", Elvis Presley, once again bring his show troupe to Memorial Coliseum for a summer tour concert Tuesday night, sponsored by the University of Alabama's Program Council.

Coming by way of Mobile and Huntsville, Elvis and his entertainers performed just over and hour and a half, singing songs that ranged from de old "Your ain't nothing but a Hound Dog" to his latest release entitled "T-R-O-U-B-L-E".

Security guards lined the front and rear of the stage area so over-excited supporters could not reach the performer. However, some of the fans' underwear did. Several times, panties and brassieres were thrown at the stage for Elvis to pickup...which he did replying about one set, "somebody just lost everything".

Elvis knew he had a crowd in Memorial Coliseum. "I feel like I am surrounded", he said. Later in the night he knew he was, after he requested the house lights be turned on where he could see the people who had come to see him.

His concert tours are known throughout the United States and this was the second time Elvis had come to Tuscaloosa. He arrived by private airplane at Tuscaloosa Municipal Airport-Van de Graaff Field around 6:50 p.m. Tuesday. Not stopping for any autographs, he quickly scurried into a pilot's lounge where he rested before his 8:30 performance.

Elvis was backed in his concert by a Las Vegas (Nev.) band, a Southern comedian, a singing trio called Voice and another trio, the Sweet Inspirations. And, there was more support for his singing from the Stamps Quartet, a gospel singing group Elvis considers, "the best in the nation".

His candidness drew laughs and screams from the crowd the entire night. He moved and the audience would scream. He laughed and the audience would laugh. Elvis was in control of his audience.

During his concert, Elvis swapped his scarves for Hawaiian leis that women in the audience brought to the concert to swap for souvernirs. Added to the scarf was a kiss from the entertainer, a move that sent most of the scarf receivers running and jumping back to their seats.

He didn't just give the older women scarves, but several times he would point to some proud parents in the audience holding a child and motioned for them to come forward. As usual, a kiss and a scarf would be given to the child for a lei.

His appearance in Memorial Coliseum was thrilling and his departure was just as thrilling also. As Elvis said his final good-byes to his Tuscaloosa audience, heavily escorted, he scampered off the stage somewhere. Several members of the audience hurried for the exits to see if they could see him leave, but no doubt, their efforts had failed.

And it was more obvious they had failed when the announcer came on and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building."