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CONCERT DATE: April 24, 1975. Macon, GA.

Elvis Legendary Performer Packs Macon Coliseum
Randall Savage and Michael Langberg
The Macon Telegraph
Friday, April 25, 1975

Elvis Presley who has been selling out auditoriums and arenas for 20 years, did it again in Macon Thursday night before a crowd of 10,242 persons who traveled from all over the Southeast to hear the legendary performer sing.

Presley, accompanied by four bodyguards, arrived in the Macon Coliseum at 9:18 p.m. in a Cadillac limousine through the tunnel entrance backstage. The body guards whisked him into the dressing room where Presley remained until his performance began.

At 9:40 p.m., Presley walked up the eight steps leading to the five foot high, 32 by 40 foot stage and the overflow crowd burst into yells, tears, screams and roaring applause.

The performer immediately began singing "C. C. Rider" which was followed by "I Got A Woman." He paused after these two numbers and introduced himself to the elated crowd as "Johnny Cash."

That drew a tremendous round of laughter and applause.

Presley, wearing a blue suit with silver sequins, followed those songs with 15 others, including such favorites as "Love Me," "Believe Me," "Walk Away," Burning Love" and "Let Me Be There"

He concluded the one-hour performance with "Dixie" and "I Can't Help Falling In Love with You"

Presley left the stage amidst thundering applause and thrilled fans who stretched over the balcony trying to touch the performer.

He climbed into the limousine that has been backed to the rear of the stage, and an aide handed PResley a towel wrapped bottle of champagne.

Led by several Macon motorcycle policemen, the vehicle sped away while Presley's 20-member band was still playing the theme song.

During the performance, Presley took a blue, silk handkerchief from around his neck, wiped the heavy perspiration from his face and forehead, and tossed it to a middle-aged redhaired woman sitting in the balcony.

That prompted several people in the audience to toss handkerchiefs onto the stage, some of which Presley used.

At one point, someone tossed a lady's undergarment onto the stage. Presley picked the garment up and hung it over a microphone.

The concert actually began at 8:30 p.m.. By 8:25 when an announcer said "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Elvis Presley concert," the coliseum was packed.

Parking lots outside were full to overflowing, and police were instructing motorists to park in adjacent fields.

The huge audience was entertained for about an hour by two musical groups, the Sounds of Voice and the Sweet Inspirations. Jack Kahane, a comedian, also entertained the crowd.

But anticipation of Presley's arrival caused several people who were sitting in the balcony above the stage and rear automobile entrance to hang over the balcony railing with cameras in hand.

About 9:15, the vehicle entrance door was raised when a decoy limousine arrived. The balcony group began yelling and pointing, but soon learned Presley had not yet arrived.

Presley waved to the backstage crowd as he walked to his dressing room for a meeting with Mayor Ronnie Thompson. Thompson presented the singer with a certificate of honorary citizenship and a key to the city.

Presley smiled and said "THank you, That's very nice."

A blonde teen-aged girl from Macon who was clutching a pink rose said, "He's one of the best performers I've ever seen. I've traveled to five states to see him."

A middle-aged man said, "He's crazy, but I saw one show of his before this and I thought it was real good.

Presley staged two sell-out performances at the coliseum in 1973. His Thursday concert launched a 15-day performance tour through the Southeast.

Courtesy of Francesc Lopez