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CONCERT DATE: July 16, 1975. New Haven, CT.

He's Still "The King"

New Haven Register
July 17, 1975

What hasn't changed in 20 years?.

Elvis Presley's ability to draw a crowd.

They came to the Coliseum Wednesday night - 10,000 of them - and another 10,000 will be there tonight, paying $10, $7.50 and $5 to see the first king of rock 'n' roll, whose popularity is still as glittering as his stage apparel.

Mostly of the crowd was a mixture of teens, and those in the 20 to 35 range, who as children in the late fifties propelled "the Pelvis" to national prominence.

After appearances by some lesser performers, Elvis charged onto the stage to the strains of "2001 A Space Odyssey" The flashbulbs popped and thousands screamed. About 100 charged the stage.

Some of those pressed against the stage got handshakes, and a few were lucky enough to get kisses. Presley ripped a white bandana from his neck and handled it ti a teen-age girl, who looked like she wasn't sure whether it was really happening.

There were other garments, which Presley distributed, and he, himself, accepted several bouquets of roses, but rejected a bottle of champagne.

Despite all the frenzy, the show was a complete success, and police had no problems with crowd control.

Courtesy of Scott