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CONCERT DATE: June 9, 1972. New York, NY.

Presley keeps 'em screaming
The Advocate
June 10, 1972

NEW YORK (AP) - Elvis Presley. the first king and still King of rock 'n' roll, gave the first New York City concert of his 16 year career Friday night to an audience of hard-core Presley fans who came to scream, listen and move to the music.

Presley came on in a goldstudded white suit with a deep V front, in which he wore a gold scarf, a white cape lined in gold, a wide gold belt and white boots. The audience didn't care that he was 37 or that he dies his prematurely gray hair jet black. He has sold more recordings. over 4 million, than any other person or group in history, and he could do no wrong.

Every time he made one hand into a fist and jerked his arm like a cheerleader, there was screaming; every time he turned to the people sitting behind the stage, those fans screamed. The stage was set up at one end of the bowlshaped 21.000-seat Madison Square Garden. Flash bulbs popped constantly.

Presley went quickly from one song to another, cutting off the applause for the last one by starting another. He sang some of his own hits - 51 of his single records have sold more than a million copies - and a lot of songs that were hits for other people.

Most of the audience appeared to be in their teens and 20s, the same age as any rock concert audience.

Presley began with the first song he ever recorded commercially. "That's All Right, Mama." Then he sang "Proud Mary," a hit for Creedence Clear-water: 3 Dog Night's "Never Been to Spain," Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me," "You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'," a hit by the Righteous Brothers.

Then he went into "Early Elvis." which he sang even better than before, but with less pelvis action this time: "All Shook Up." "Heartbreak Hotel," "Don't Be Cruel," "Love Me Tender," "Blue Suede Shoes." and the one he called "my message song for tonight," "Hound Dog."

Then he returned to more recent songs. He threw two or three scarves into the audience, causing an eruption of screams each time, and a couple of handkerchiefs with which he had mopped his face, causing more screams.

A girl jumped from the loge onto the corner of the stage beside the 2l-piece orchestra backing Presley and was quickly escorted out. Presley went on a 14-cily, 14-day tour last fall with all concerts sold out. He now is starting another tour, with four concerts in Madison Square Garden, the first three sold out. The fourth, on Sunday, will probably be sold out by then.

Courtesy of Francesc Lopez