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CONCERT DATE: April 18, 1972. San Antonio, TX.

Record Crowd due For Elvis
San Antonio Light
April 16, 1972

Elvis Presley's Fiesta performance here at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday will be seen by what Convention Cenler officials expect to be the biggest crowd ever jammed into the HemisFair Arena.

In addition to the Arena's 10,000 regular seats, the fire department has allowed almost 1,000 extra seats to be brought in. Every available ticket was sold two weeks ago, according to Joe Miller of JAM Productions, local representative for the Presley touring show.

Miller said the Presley entourage, consisting of 101 people, will arrive in San Antonio Tuesday at an unspecified time. He said Presley, his manager, crew, security guards and two orchestras travel in three chartered 727 Jets.

The San Antonio show will be Presley's next-to-last engagement before ending his current tour. Miller said the entire show is being filmed and recorded for a future Presley movie. Sound equipment has been hung from the ceiling, Miller added, so that each person in the Arena will get an unobstructed view of the famed singer.

He added that "a couple of policemen" will be assigned to escort Presley "as a courtesy," and building security at the Arena will be the same as for other celebrities.

Courtesy of Mr. Archie Bald