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CONCERT DATE: March 25 1977 (8:30 pm). Norman OK.

Elvis "The King" Presley Delights Audience in Lloyd Noble Arena
by Pat Upton
The Daily Oklahoman
March 26, 1977

"The King" Elvis Presley opened, as might be expected, to a sold-out house of nearly 13000 at Norman's Lloyd Noble Arena Friday. The show was the first of a rare two-performance date by Presley in the arena. He appears again at 8.30PM Saturday and tickets are still available.

Lines stretched outside the front of the arena one and a half hours before the concert started. Scalpers sold $15 seats for $40. But the arena erupted in one consolidated primal scream when Presley swaggered onto the stage at 10 PM after three warm-up acts.

He stands and leers often at his screaming fans. He moves slower now. Gone are the provocative gyrations which were scandalous in years past. He gives out lots of scarves and kisses. He also wiles away minutes characteristically mumbling. He kids excessively. But he still drives the crowd wild.

Presley's repertoire has ample progressive country and pop songs such as Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away and Tell Me If You Love Me. His block-busting staples remain with Jailhouse Rock, It's Now Or Never and Don't Be Cruel.

The Elvis magic was everpresent wide though his voice range isn't as wide as before. But he's forever in the minds of his devoted following. And that's just as it should be with the living legend.

Courtesy of Scott Hayward