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CONCERT DATE: June 22, 1977 (8:30 pm) Sioux Falls, SD.

Sioux Falls Gets Ready For Elvis Presley Show
June 22, 1977

What do you get a man who has a fleet of expensive cars, a Southern mansion and a private jet airliner? In short, the man who has everything?

How about a night's rest in a complimentary suite of the Downtown Holiday Inn in Sioux Falls?

Elvis Presley has returned to Sioux Falls from a grand opening concert at Rapid City's civic center complex, for one-night stand at the Arena Wednesday and the city has dusted off the red carpet for the king of '50s rock and roll, or at least shook out the linen.

And with the complimentary suite at the downtown hotel goes a king size, brass-trimmed bed, complete with pillows and read and white linen, courtesy of a local department store.

Why the fuss?

We normally donate ( a suite) for anyone who takes 60 rooms." deadpanned Downtown Holiday Inn Manager Tom Biermeier.

"I know that the Holiday Inn didn't have king size bedding on hand," said the manager of the department store's furniture section, "and we wanted Elvis to sleep on the best bed available."

Following Wednesday's appearance, the best bed available " will be placed, without fanfare back on the department store's showroom floor, for sale at its pre-Elvis price.

Both the store and the furniture manager have requested anonymity.

"We want all out for him and we aren't doing it to make money," the manager said. "It's just a lot of people in the store think quite a bit of himself especially the women".

Member os the Sioux Falls Police Department also have Presley on their minds. The concert promoters have hired 25 off-duty policemen to provide security at the 8:30 pm performances along with Elvis' regular contingent of bodyguards.

The officer in charge of security said the move was "typical for any big show coming into the Arena," but added "we never know until we get out there what arrangements they want."

While all is readiness for Presley and his entourage, the only group holding back is the public.

Unlike the ticket office stampede at his Oct. 18 Sioux Falls concert, Wednesday performance still has empty seats at the Arena with tickets still on sale at the Convention Center.

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