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CONCERT DATE: February 19, 1977 Johnson City, TN.

7000 people attend Elvis Presley show

Johnson City Press-Chronicle
February 20, 1977

It might take the planning commission several months to design the parking spaces improvised at and near Freedom Hall Civic Center last night. More than 7000 people attended last night's Elvis Presley concert. Cars were parked in the median of Liberty Bell Boulevard, straddling the curb so two wheels were on the street and two on a bank near the complex. Liberty Bell Boulevard, normally four lanes wide, was limited to two lanes last night because of cars lining both sides of the street.

The Johnson City Press-Chronicle did not purchase tickets to review last night's concert. Review tickets, which are normally made available to the news media to cover entertainment performances, were not offered to the newspaper by Freedom Hall or the Presley organization. The newspaper management felt purchasing tickets to cover the concert established a precedent it could not feel comfortable with in future circumstances.

There didn't seem to be a shortage of tickets last night after the start of the concert. About six persons were outside the building offering tickets for face value.

Courtesy of Scott Hayward