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CONCERT DATE: August 3, 1976. Fayetteville, SC.

Sequined Presley Offers Sometimes Gaudy Evening
by Susan Prevatte
The Robesonian
August 5, 1976.

Elvis Presley ascended the stage Tuesday night to the grandiose strains of "Thus Spake Zarathustra" and playfully introduced himself as "Wayne Newton."

He'd been preceded by a gospel quartet, a group of musicians from Las Vegas, a Canadian comedian who told sexist jokes and a female trio called the "Sweet Inspirations," so his appearance was greeted eagerly by the capacity audience.

Cameras flashing throughout his performance gave a constant strobe light effect. Presley, in a tight blue jumpsuit, matching jacket with a sequined eagle on the back and diamond jewelry, opened his fastpaced set with "See See Rider."

He went on to perform such hits and standards as "Jailhouse Rock," "Love Me Tender," "Dixie" and "Hawaiian Love Song," punctuating some of the faster numbers with a few of the contortions that won him the appellation "Elvis the Pelvis" in his heyday.

The crowd screamed when he unleashed the full impact of his incredible, sexy voice but this occurred only rarely, most notably at the conclusion of "I'm Hurting" after which Elvis, in full gear, plunged into "Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog" accompanied by audience frenzy.

During the evening, which was a little gaudy at times but always entertaining, Elvis stuck a flower behind his ear, played with a puppet, threw scarves at the audience and accepted gifts, including a cake, a toy monkey and a dozen red long-stemmed roses.

His sense of humor, evidenced in joking remarks that sometimes poked subtle fun at his own image, was appealing. So was the feeling that we gazed on a legend in his own time, one who had preserved his own style through fads, fancies and the British invasion, to remain a talent and a success.

Courtesy of Francesc Lopez