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CONCERT DATE: March 18, 1974. Richmond, VA.

by Barbara Green
Richmond Times Dispatch

A Different speaker setup improved the sound and an almost puckish attitude on the part of the star improved the show when Elvis Presley visited Richmond for the second time within a week.

Fresh and flush from triumphal performances in his hometown of Memphis last weekend., he entertained a light-hearted audience last night at the Coliseum.

His audience was largely young people - teenagers and persons only a few years older - who were much too young to remember vintage Presley . He was at his artistic peak when many of them were barely in kindergarden.

But they had gotten the word from somewhere and squealed appreciatively right on cue.

Presley responded with considerable charm. He appeared looser and more comfortable than he was a week ago, kidding with his band and dancing through a couple of songs with some nimble footwork.

The sound mix enabled his voice to predominate over a more subdued orchestral and vocal accompaniment, and the male trio that accompanied him on "All Shook Up" managed to bring back memories of the Jordanaires.

PRESLEY CLOWNED his way through "Fever" pretending that he couldn't make his legs stop twitching, repeating syllables that struck his fancy to the point of nonsense and being genuinely funny.

"He's feeling his oats tonight," was the way one appreciate listener put it.

He brought some freshness and enthusiasm to the same tired old material and introduced a new song, "Help Me," a hym with a catchy chorus that he recorded recently.

On a couple of songs, including "Trying To Get To You," he pulled out the stops and sang, really sang, without noticeable interference from his backup band and singers, though numbers like that are getting fewer and farther between.v

Presley has settled into the comfortable position of programmed popular singer. With the following he has built up over the years, chances are he won't pull any musical surprises in the future. Fact is, he really doesn't have to.