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Elvis Is Chubby And 41 But His Voice Is Right On
by Will Hardesty
Rocky Mountain News
April 24, 1976

Elvis wears baggy pants. Face it - Elvis Presley at 41is approaching that never-never land of middle age. Yes, he is chubbier. He's enough to give sex-symbol dreams to the over-weight throughout the country. His svelte, taut, youthful, truck-driver's masculine body is a thing of the past.

But his voice is still right on. The low register is still the powerful, sensual, sexy, melodious, euphonious instrument which made him king. The higher range is still expressive and full-bodied; it is used to accent his singing and for the fast-moving melodies.

The audience has settled down, too. Gone is the fanatic, frenzied, hysterical screaming. It has been replaced by a solid, respectful, established worship. The 19000 persons at McNichols Arena Friday night responded to Elvis singing with devoted clapping instead of unleashed madness.

The audience was a study from A to Z of personality types. The emphasis was slightly to the country side where Elvis probably still is most popular. The majority was in the 30-and-over bracket, although the low end was in the teens and the top end was in blue-washed hair set. Elvis was escorted on stage by a phalanx of security guards approximately 90 minutes after the show began. Whichever way he turned, the reaction was the same - a disorienting, vertigo producing, continuous explosion of flashbulbs.

He was attired in a basic white jumpsuit, opened to the waist. The jumpsuit had flared baby-blue satin sleeves. The front was multi-colored cloth, accented with rhinestones and sequins. The show was opened by J.D. Sumner and "The Stamps". Jack Kahane, a comedian followed. "The Sweet Inspirations" sang a short set in front of a 13-piece band before two more musicians, "the scarf manager" and Elvis' 10 backing singers came on stage.

Time doesn't stop even for a living force. Elvis is no longer the "Pelvis." Elvis is a Frank Sinatra of another generation. He will be living force until breath is his body ceases. The king is middle-aged; long live the king.

Courtesy of Scott Hayward