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CONCERT DATE: November 10 1971 (8:30 pm). Boston MA.

15,000 Cheer Him On, Elvis Rocks The Garden
by Ernie Santosuosso
Boston Globe

It wasn't exactly a rock opera but last night 15,506 at Boston Garden accorded "Elvis Presley superstar" a rave reception.

The 36 year-old statesman of Rock made an easy conquest of the Sports Arena in a dazzling 52 minutes display of singing and body English.

In the pop music context, the Elvis-the-Pelvis spectacular has to be ranked with the likes of the Beatles 1966 visit, the Rolling Stones invasion in 1969 and Tom Jones's first time around in Boston.

He bumped and ground in the grand tradition of the Old Howard, flaided his arms, jerked his head in tempo, strutted about the stage like a pompous wrestler and postured outrageously throughout his wirlwind set to the shrieking delight of his fans. He sang in his bluesy, sometime surly, sometimes tender baritone but all times he seemed to be having the most fun of everyone.

Backed up by his string group and a cued choral unit plus Joe Guercio and the Tony Bruno orchestra. Presley fired off a fussilade of his hits (in the million-selling record department Elvis is the champion with 24 gold discs; the Beatles and big Crosby are runners-up with 20 each)

He arrived on stage after intermission in a deep blue sequined cape and flared pants outfit set off by a red scarf. He wore enough rings tp make Zsa Zsa envious. The ovation was ear-splitting and throughout, incessant screaming and cheers punctuated the darkened arena like bomb bursts.

About the intro music - "The 2001 Theme" That was the tip-off that Elvis was doing a giant put-on, and it set the mood for his ingratiating act.

One after another came the songs "That's All Right" with a tentative shake of the pelvis. "I Got A Woman", "Proud Mary" in which he simulated the rowing motion with some knee action. "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me," "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," "Polk Salad Annie," "Please Love Me" and the oldies "Heartbreak Hotel," Blue Suede Shoes," "Just One night With You," "Hound Dog," How Great Thou Art". Then he inserted a new tune, "I'm Leaving", an exciting rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters," "Cant Stop Loving you," "Love Me Tender", "Suspicious Minds" with a very funny (....) "Ain't It Funny" and the finale "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You."

At the end of the song he spread out his capefull width resembling a good-looking Dracula. The crowd of all ages exploded.

Courtesy of Sebastiano Cecere