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CONCERT DATE: November 12 1971 (8:30 pm). Houston TX.

Presley Remains A Magic Figure
By Janis Parks
Houston Post
November 13, 1971

Elvis Presley is still a magic figure, even after all these years.

A motley mob assembled at Hofheinz Pavillion Friday night to see the legend.

The show started off with the Sweet Inspirations. This trio sang hits like "I want to Take You Higher," Put It In The Want Ads," and of course, "Sweet Inspiration."

A comedian, jackie DeHain, then performed. He touched on topical subjects such as the upcoming elections, liquor by the drink and Muhammad Ali's fight.

After a brief intermission, Elvis, plus five musicians, plus a group of backup vocalists and an orchestra, came on stage. Elvis was introduced to them from "2001."

As he stepped to the front of the stage, flashbulbs went off from every direction.

Presley still has a lean and hungry look, despite his sequined pants and bright red cape.

He picked up a guitar, momentarily during his second song but the instrument wasn't hooked up. Fortunately, Elvis Presley need not rely on anything like a musical instrument for entertainment.

His famous gyrations are quite a show.

Presley sang everything from "Hound Dog," "Heartbreak Hotel," "Blue Suede Shoes," to "How Great Thou Art" and "Bridge Over Troubled Waters."

He was an absolute sensation and a fascinating performer. I'm still not sure what he does, but it's never boring.

Courtesy of Sebastiano Cecere