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CONCERT DATE: August 27 1976 (8:30 pm). San Antonio TX.

S.A. Fans Scream Welcome to Elvis - Crowd Cheers as Elvis Sings
by Robert C. Stewart, Jr.
San Antonio Light
August 28, 1976

You don't review an Elvis Presley concert. You let it soak in - the music, the applause, the adulation of thousands. Friday night the King held court with such old favorites as You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog, Heartbreak Hotel, Love Me Tender and Don't Be Cruel, a song he calls his favorite. Elvis hasn't lost his touch as more than 10000 persons at the Convention Center will testify.

Thousands cheered, hands clapped and toes wiggled in unison as Elvis gyrated. It used to be an act that shocked the world. Today it's quite tame when compared to other rock groups. What is shocking is to see several generations of fans pay homage to their favorite. Mothers and daughters - in some cases even grandmothers - wept and cheered the blue-suited, rhinestone-bedecked rock 'n' roll superstar. As always, there was a mad scramble for the sweat-soaked scarfs he threw into the audience.

It was a smooth concert, according to local promoter Joe Miller, although not without hitches. A sound truck rolled over earlier Friday near Tulsa, Okla,. and a new system had to be located in Austin. There was no time to hang the complex system from the ceiling, so the enormous speakers were stacked on stage. They blocked the views of a few fans.

A number of fans without tickets, arriving at a sold-out box office. "I've never seen so many people ask for tickets," one worker marveled.

There were few security problems with the predominantly over 30 crowd, according to Police Sgt. Robert Rudewick, in charge of the 31-man detail of policemen.

It was like high noon on the desert when Elvis appeared. Thousands of flashbulbs illuminated the famous singer as he launched into C.C. Rider. The view couldn't have been better for Mr. and Mrs. Terry Shea, winners of the Elvis Anagram contest sponsored by the Light. They sat ninth row, center as Elvis strutted about the stage, exchanging remarks with members of the audience. "I love you Elvis," one fan screamed. With a shy grin, Elvis peered from under longish hair and replied, "I love you too, honey, but I can't do anything about it now."

Elvis had a rapport that is unique with his fans as he explained the sound system problems and carried his woes with a smile. You can forget those stories about an ill Elvis Presley. He may be still a bit overweight, but he holds up well in a concert, having recaptured the old fire, if he ever lost it. He laughed with the audience, he teased the audience, he threw out a score or more scarfs, constantly turning to the few fans seated behind him in the jammed arena. "It's a pleasure to be back here and I hope you enjoy the show," Elvis told the screaming fans. And from the roses and teddy bears thrown on stage, and screaming applause, it was apparent the fans were glad too.

Courtesy of Scott Hayward