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CONCERT DATE: August 29 1976 (2:30 pm). Mobile AL.

Elvis Is Still King, But He's Slowly Fading
by Mignon V. Kilday
Mobile Register

Sunday was somewhat of a bittersweet day in Mobile for this writer - the Elvis Presley show just didn't make it like the old days when constant screams, gesticulations and gyrations went the distance. Presley is still the King - ask any of the 20,000 fans who caught either performance. He brought the audience to its feet with America the Beautiful in absolutely thrilling tones. Medleys of two-decade old hits pleased but fell short of sensational. A single from a new album Hurt was impressive initially but the audience was nevertheless streaming out to avoid the traffic rush - not like the old days when they stayed to the absolute end ... and then begged for more. Some didn't even turn to get a final look.

Prior to his afternoon concluding I Can't Help Falling in Love Presley noted that if ever Mobile wanted him back again, all we have to do is ask. Remember a truck driver who said that same thing in the early '50s when he was unknown and trying to get to the top? He's the top and he of all knows the future is so uncertain. But for now Elvis Presley reigns as king. Bittersweet memories.

Courtesy of Scott Hayward