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CONCERT DATE: June 1 1976 (8:30 pm). Tucson AZ.

Elvis Presley A Record Sellout For June show
Tucson Daily Citizen
May 25, 1976

Elvis Presley has reclaimed his crown as the top money grossing act for a single performance at the Tucson Community Center. Temporarily eclipsed by British singer Elton John, who played the Arena last October, Presley's drawing power has reasserted itself for a sellout show here June 1.

The box office draw for Presley's appearance brought in $113,495, easily passing John's record of $93,000 in gate receipts. Both Presley and John filled the Arena's 9,000 seats, but Presley's tickets cost more - thus setting the new record.

The man music historians generally credit with starting the rock and roll movement has played Tucson twice before. In 1972 Presley was the first pop artist to attract a sellout crowd to the Arena, thereby taking his original gross earnings crown for the center, and in 1956 he was a minor sensation at the Pima County Fair

Courtesy of Archie Bald