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CONCERT DATE: July 18 1975 (8:30 pm). Richfield OH.

Elvis Electrifies Fans in Encore Concert Stint
by Mike Clary
Akron Beacon Journal

Elvis Presley returned to the Coliseum Friday and swiveled his famous hips for another capacity crowd that responded in all the right places with shrieks, lunges toward the stage and roars of approval. Presley, in turn, gave back a little more music than he had during his first appearance here eight days ago, adding a few rock 'n' rollers like Hound Dog and Big Boss Man instead of a gospel interlude.

Overall, however, Presley's 60 minutes of gold records and ad libs are so pat and predicted that the show became predictably bland. But for most of the more than 21000 persons in the audience, Elvis - live and on stage - is show enough. Elvis strolled on stage to a galaxy of popping flash bulbs and showed himself in a two-piece black sleeveless suit that seemed to be studded with crown jewels. His tunic was open down the front, as was the white ruffled shirt underneath it, and he wore a choker and an iron cross on a chain.

As he did on June [July] 10th, the 40-year-old one-time trucker opened with C.C. Rider and I Got a Woman while posing with his prop guitar. He handed out scarves with a fury. During Love Me Tender he began distributing kisses that brought fans scurrying down the aisles. "You're a fantastic audience to work to," he said in closing. "Anytime you want us to come back, just let us know." People sitting in the loges of the Richfield Township showplace again complained mightily about the poor sound reaching those lofty heights. The music was distorted, and all of Presley's words of stage were inaudible.

Courtesy of Scott Hayward