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CONCERT DATE: June 2, 1975. Mobile, AL.

Presley Packs Them In Twice For Shows Here
by Royce Harrison
Mobile Register
June 3, 1975

"It looks like "Mardi Grass!" according to one pedestrian who paused on Government Street downtown to gape at some of the thousands of automobiles full of people headed toward the municipal auditorium Monday night.

There was the potential for the biggest traffic jam in Mobile's history - although a jam didn't quite materialize - as the auditorium at one time converged on every available parking space east of Brad Street.

People came from all over from as far away as Atlanta and Miami to see the eternal superstar of Country and Pop music - Elvis Presley. Once again, he packed them in.

Just looking at license plates, there were as many Florida and Mississippi tags as there were from Alabama.

"I've seen him here twice before and I'll see him here again if he comes again," said one middle-aged woman as she scurried toward the first of Elvis' two shows.

The lady was one of the early ones who began arriving in throngs before 3 p.m. for Elvis' 4:30 matinee performance. She also was one of the lucky ones who had no trouble finding a convenient parking place.

But parking became a premium as Elvis' second sellout audience of 10,560 began arriving for the 8:30 p.m. show, and 9.000 more people drove in for Toulminville and Satsuma High School's graduation exercises which both began at 6 p.m.

The 14 mobile policemen who were assigned to keep traffic moving around the auditorium did just that. Although they had anticipated "problems" early in the afternoon, at least one noted. "It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be" after the last car arrived.

Inside the auditorium complex, things went about as smoothly. Auditorium Manager W. C. "Buddy" Clewis noted that he had 150 men assigned to various tasks such as vending refreshments and souvenirs, taking tickets, ushering and working the stage.

Amazingly enough, there were few people to show up wanting to buy tickets for both of Elvis' shows and there were even fewer people selling spare tickets at the door.

One man sold a pair of third-row tickets for $40 each, but other extras were purchased at their regular counter price.

Declared a group of three ambitious looking young men. "Seeing as how money is no object, we'll pay anything to get in." One of the dudes offered a man $100 for his ticket, and was turned down.

You might say that Elvis still has all the drawing power he ever did.

There also was a woman from New orleans who went to both performances. She noted that she also had her ticket for his next show in Jackson, Miss, and said. "I've been liking him longer than I've been liking my kids," explaining that her 19-year-old son also likes the singer and her two daughters could not attend because they are in the middle of exams at school.

Another concert-goer stated. "Elvis ought to spend more time on the road, at least until his fans are satisfied!"

Courtesy of REX's 1970s W.E.N.S.W #206-207