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CONCERT DATE: May 31 1976 (8:30 pm). Lubbock TX.

Elvis Wows Fans At Sellout Concert

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
June 1, 1976

Teenybopper or pushing middle age - it made no difference to more than 9,600 fans who screamed and shouted as "The King" crooned on stage in a Memorial Day concert.

Elvis Presley appearing Monday night in the Municipal Coliseum, entertained fans for about an hour and a half with the mellow sound he has used for 20 years.

Fans raging in age from 6 to 55 listened to Presley's medley of old and new tunes that included several patriotic ones such as "America." Wearing a light a blue jumpsuit that showed his paunch. Presley, now in his 40s, didn't use the swivel-hipped movements of the 1950s.

Interaction with the audience played a large part of the night's entertainment when "The King" ordered the house lights turned on. He touched several hands and kissed several girls, all to the accompaniment of screams and sighs.

One little girl was sent to the stage with flowers for Presley. She received a kiss for her efforts.

A party atmosphere prevailed as souvenirs were sold. Presley scarves for $5 and a six-inch button for the same price.

A woman who visited backstage with him prior to the performance. Dottie Townsend, manager of the Coliseum said Presley was "very conscious of his weight." He doesn't have the time to exercise that he'd like to have.

She added that to her, "he's not that much overweight ... mostly he had kind of a tummy on him." He weights about 20 to 25 pounds more than he did on his previous Lubbock visit about four years ago, she estimated.

Presley, she said, is just like anyone else: "He's not haughty in any way ... he's soft-spoken and just a good fellow.

"You always have a good feeling about him after you leave. It's just like talking to a friend."

Courtesy of The Lubbock Public Library