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CONCERT DATE: April 30, 1975 Atlanta, GA.

Shriek! It's King Elvis
by Scott Cain
Atlanta Journal

Elvis started giving away scarves almost as soon as he came on stage Wednesday night.

One of the first ladies who received this endearment favored Elvis with two items in return: One appeared to be a furry, fluffy handbag and the other looked like her "little black book". Hmmm.

But that wasn't all.

About the time that one chick brought Elvis a huge toy tiger, something soft sailed onto the Omni stage and landed with a plop.

It wasn't...?

Yes. It was. A bra - bright green at that.

Elvis couldn't resist picking up this most intimate of souvenirs. Who did this, he wanted to know. The culprit brazenly stood and admitted that she had done the deed.

And so it went all evening.

Elvis' concerts are not so much musical events as hilarious social occasions. His horde of feminine fans abandons all modesty in the presence of the Pelvis.

He has greatly, expanded his scarf-bestowing routine. Who can blame him? One, titanic success after another must become tiring after a while and any change must be welcome for him.

At Wednesday's show, he gave away probably 50 scarves, each of which he draped around his neck, if only for a moment.

He granted kissed to about a dozen luck ladies, several of whom appeared immediately afterward to be in a state of shock. Elvis had to bend far over to award these osculatory prizes, sometimes coming close to lying on the floor of the stage. A couple of kisses went to girls small enough to be carried in their mothers' arms.

Otherwise, his show is much the same as previously. The mere dimming of the lights is sufficient to set off a feminine uproar. Elvis arrives on state after the "2001" intro. squeals galore. Flashbulbs by the hundreds pop simultaneously, turning the huge auditorium into day.

He moves across the stage. more shrieks. He takes up his guitar. More pandemonium. He begins to sing. The audience is beside itself. He shakes a leg. surely the walls of the Omni will tumble at any moment.

Elvis is plump. The brutal fact simply cannot be ignored. He looks especially heavy from the side. He is also quite pale.

Musically, he's the old Elvis. He sings a number of his past favorites - "Love Me Tender," "I Got A Woman" and others. He is generous enough to do recent songs made famous by other people - "If You Love Me, Let Me Know: and "Let Me Be There." He introduces a new Presley recording called "Trouble" which is a feverish rocker harkening back to his early days. He does antiques such as "That's All right, Mama". He turns dramatic for a medley of "Dixie" and "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" and he is almost reverential for "How Great Thou Art."

He has the audience wrapped around his little finger. He has only to go into his celebrated wriggle to cause a storm of reaction. On the other hand, the house gets quite still for his somber moments. (The percentage of ballads to rockers is very favorable.)

The important thing is that Elvis keeps it light. His shows are one laugh after another. The audience is as vital to the performance as the star. On Wednesday, the Presley show was the only place to be in Atlanta. The same will be true Thursday and Friday nights.