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CONCERT DATE: June 18 1972 (8:30 pm). Fort Worth TX.

Yea, yea, They Still Scream For Elvis
by Jack Gordon
Fort Worth Press
June 19, 1972

Elvis Presley, who's the one and only Mr. Wonderful to his enormous army of worshippers, ranging in age from children to grandmothers, packed a record 14,122 persons into the Tarrant County Convention Center Arena last night.

And judging from audience reaction, you better believe it - whatever this sexy Memphis boy ever had, he's still got it, only more so with maturity.

A decision to install additional seats in the Arena Sunday afternoon, following a sell-out made possible what was claimed to be a new high attendance mark for the Convention Center.

Topped was a previous high mark of 13,956 persons set by a rock group, the Moody Blues.

A DAZZLING FIGURE in a white vaquero suit and cape, decorated with enough gold spangles to put a strain on For Knox, Elvis gave an electrifying performance. His dark hair is longer and the flare of his trousers is wider. He sang for a full hour.

And yes, the girls scream for him precisely as they did when a much younger Presley sang for another generation at the North Side Coliseum here in 1956.

Elvis was 21 then, and single. He is 37 now, and has a wife and a three-year-old daughter, Leisa Marie.

At the Convention Center last night, the singer recalled his last performance in Fort Worth, in '56 - and in memory of it he sang a song he did that night 16 years ago. It was "You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog."

HOWEVER, ELVIS SKIPPED the pelvic gyrations that were his trademark earlier in his career. He apologized for that. He's older now. "Wouldn't want to strip my gears."

Elvis still has restless knees. But the body English now stops there.

On a 12-city tour, to end Tuesday in Tulsa, Okla., Presley and his troupe flew into Fort Worth's Greater Southwest Airport Sunday afternoon from Chicago in two executive jets and their own pro-jet airliner. They checked into the Sheraton Fort Worth's tower annex on Commerce St.

All day, scores of Presley's fans had been waiting, hoping to see him enter the Sheraton tower's lobby. Instead, to their disappointment, the long black limousine carrying Elvis whipped into the hotel's garage and zoomed up the ramp to the fifth floor of the garage without a stop. (Mustn' touch the star, see)

Presley took an elevator there to his 13th floor suite. This was at 4:45 yesterday.

An interview with Elvis? No way, said Presley's long time manager, Col. Tom Parker. As a recluse, Presley could give hideaway lessons to Howard Hughes.

PRESLEY GAVE HIS only Texas show in Fort Worth, backed by band, the Stamps Quartet and Elvis' own singing group. Also with the troupe was comedian Jackie Kahane. He opened the show.

Presley's communication with his audience, as here last night, is fantastic. Many of the ladies actually reached out their arms for him.

And not just the girls, either. One of the adoring ladies in fort Worth to see her idol Elvis was Mrs. George Whittaker at Bainbridge, GA. Mrs. Whittaker is 68.

Turning on the ladies the mostest was Elvis' tender rendition of "The Good Times." Smashing was his finale of "Dixie" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

Concerts West presented Presley in Fort Worth. He was to appear tonight in Wichita, Kans.

More evidence of the Presley allure for all ages is the following letter received at The Press from California: "Dear Sirs: My 86-year-old mother is an avid Elvis Presley fan. For her the next best thing to seeing him herself is reading about his appearances. Therefore, I would appreciate it very much of you would send me any reviews or interviews from your paper in connection with Elvis' appearance in Fort Worth June 18. Inclosed is 15 cents to cover postage - Lucille D. Mereto, XXXX Hampton Ave., Hollywood, Calif." Will be done.

Courtesy Of Scott Hayward