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CONCERT DATE: June 21, 1973 Atlanta, GA.

Elvis: Mr Cool Tore 'Em Up
by Scott Cain
The Atlanta Journal
June 22, 1973

Elvis toer 'em up at the Omni Thursday night.

It's difficult to imagine that anyone went away unhappy. His show was more fun than anybody had a right to expect, and you can give all credit to Elvis, who keeps a determinedly sane attitude toward the hysteria that his presence creates.

Going to one of his concerts is not so much a musical experience as a collection of vignettes, mostly about audience reaction.

Item: Elvis' entrance is preceded by the so-called "2001" theme, which is certainly a tough act to follow, but Elvis does it. When he comes bounding on stage surrounded by a battery of bodyguards, the shrieks of his fans practically bring the walls tumbling down. The popping flashbulbs light up the auditorium as bright as the noonday sun at Stone Mountain.

Item: Elvis knows that his every movement will bring squeals of delight, and he has his act shrewdly choreographed to maintain interest throughout his long turn. The simple act of shaking his formidable locks sends shivers of delight running through his feminine fans, and when no moves the pelvis the audience goes wild.

ITEM: At regular intervals, despite very strict security, one of his admirers can restrain herself no longer and makes a mad dash for the stage, always intercepted well before the danger zone.

Item: Elvis loves to tease the audience by throwing away scarves which he has used to wipe his forehead. Ironically, the first one he tossed aside was caught by a boy. The second was captured by a young woman who looked as if she would swoon from ecstasy. The third was snared simultaneously by two girls, who ultimately had to split their trophy.

Item: The Elvis hip-shaking is not as frantic as in olden days. In fact, Elvis plays the whole thing supercool, knowing that the crowd is practically beside itself with excitement anyway. He goes so far as to offer "Blue Suede Shoes" in a restrained manner.

Item: Elvis looks great. His coloring is good. The hair is still longish, but now has the fashionable dry look and that's a welcome change from his greasy-kid-stuff days. He has broad shoulders, yet retains a trim and athletic appearance. He wore the now-familiar white outfit which has a lot of these spangles that are dearly beloved by country music stars. The costume came complete with heavily decorated belt and flared trousers.

ITEM: The voice is fully secure and probably a more serviceable instrument than ever owing to his improved technique. He got his sturdiest applause from ballads rather than his rock'n'roll classics, and that's the best compliment to his vocal ability. He got a tumultuous ovation for "How Great Thou Art."

At the opening of his show, Elvis made a brief pretense of playing the guitar, but soon discarded it altogether to concentrate on his singing.

Elvis quit at exactly the moment when everyone was wishing that the show would last all night. Isn't that the best time?

Courtesy of Linda Helms