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CONCERT DATE: June 30, 1974 (3:00 pm) Omaha, NE.

Elvis Leaves'em Thrilled, Satisfied. 10,000 Adore "Spangled God"
by Doug Smith
Omaha World Herald
July 1, 1974

Since Elvis burst onto the scene 20 years ago, nearly everything has changed, Fins on cars have come and gone. Hemllnes have gone up, up, up and the value of the dollar down, down, down. Such popular diversions as the Beatles and the Hula Hoop have had their day and disappeared.

Only elvis goes on and on. and as he proved at his Sunday Afternoon concert in the City Auditorium Arena, he's one super star whose light just seems to burn even brighter. The concert was the first of three in the arena, with a second on Sunday night and the third tonight at 8.30.

To say that sellout crowd of 10,246 (mostly over 30 but with a healthy young contingent) loved every minute of Elvis on stage is to badly understate the case. They loved every sound, every twitch, every eyelash of this shinning, spangle god come down from his towerin Olympus to visit his Omaha admirers.

The show itself is a highly polished, choreographed Las Vegas style revue that opens with an hour of entertainment by two band singing trios and a fairly funny comedian. After an intermission set aside for the buying of peanuts, popcorn and Elvis goodies (posters, buttons and even an elvis "Hanki" for $5) the crowd returned to its seats fairly spitting with anticipation.

The large band that tours with Presley started playing the grand "2001" theme "Also Sprach Zarathustra" and whispers of "I can't stand it" passed through the crowd. Then to a rush of delighted squeals, elvis ran onto stage wearing a white and blue costum-made outfit. Cut nearly to the waist in front and complete with small. dangling chains. In the adulation from nearly 10,000 throats and 5,000 cameras, all popping madly away with their flashbulbs. Opening with "C.C. Rider" and "I Got A Woman," Presley got squeals with every word and gesture, though the spasmodic "Elvis The Pelvis" image of the mid 1950s has been discarded. The 1974 module Elvis features a more controlled, yet still exciting manner and an overwhelming stage presence. Oh yes, ladies, the 39 years old crooner is still incredibly, excruciatingly handsome. "It's disgusting" said a man in the crowd about all the young scarf seekers.

Elvis closed with one of his prettiest tunes "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You" completing more than an hour on stage and leaving an audience that was both completely thrilled and satisfied.