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Concerts On CDR

Through the years, audience recordings have surfaced on different media depending on what the fan had available. Since the CD was introduced around the mid 80s, the best audience recordings have been released professionally on CDs.

Still, some fans didn't have access to this technology and cassette tapes were floating around with rare concerts but with rather poor sound quality. As technology has improved all these tapes have been transferred to CDs by fans.

The quality goes from really good to awful. As fans have released these concerts, identical copies are often released under different titles.

In this section, we have tried to show which of these fan-produced CDs are available, but where there are different CDs for the same concert, only one CD is listed.

Look for any alternate titles known to us in the description of the CD ("Also released as"). For most of these, only the CD covers are different. For most of the CDs listed, covers are available for download.

This section at the beginning was created by Ciscoking, thank you so much for your help and for providing some covers. Most of the CDRS covers were made by Patrik's Elvis Corner, thanks for letting me use them.





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