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The following pages are about concerts or they have sections related to concerts really interesting.



These people made possible this website and helped me out through these last years. Thank you so much friends.

Pam Lopez (Library researcher expert), Silvester Eter, Crazy Canuck, Paul Sweeney, Christopher Brown, Stein Skar, Bob Heis, The Clint, Evan Mueller, Adam Taylor, Geoffrey McDonnell, Derek Phillips (The Elvis Video Historian), Bruce Ellis, Tom Barry, Christophe Jouanne, Johnny Savage, Mark van Hout, Denese Dody, Andre Mester, Zach, Mike Morgan, Linda Helms, Brian Petersen, Kari Paju, Patrik Ahlgren, Andrei Cangea, Scott Hayward, Rex Martin, Harald Feucht


  • Ben Ralph for taking care of tracklists, and database clean up and maintanance.
  • Johnny van der Geld for keeping up with new CD releases.
  • Harald Feucht for verification of data, cd pressings and cd covers
  • Thomas Thurnheer for taking care of the forum
  • Tomek Michalczyk for the videos on the database.
  • Henryk Matraszek for the technical reports of CDs.
  • Javilu from Argentina for the CD reviews.
  • Geoffrey McDonnell for his deep song reviews and other essays
  • Steve Moore for creating and designing The elvisconcerts.com database.

Also a thank you to all people who sent me their articles about Elvis Presley in Concert, the New Concerts, pictures and Newspaper Reviews.