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Holding Back The Years VERSUS A New Kind Of Rhythm!
by Henryk

Holding Back The Years (DAE) [March 21, 1976 (8:30 pm)]

  • a nearly complete (mixed down to mono) soundboard recording of very good sound quality;
  • 23 tracks in total, with the final announcements faded out after "Elvis Has Left The Building";
  • the majority of the incomplete introductions are presented as a single track (running for 5 min. 09 sec.), with "School Day" to follow;
  • after Elvis introduces JD Sumner and the Stamps we hear him say, "On the lead guitar from Shreveport, Louisiana is James Burton" and "What'd I Say" follows;
  • the introductions of Kathy Westmoreland, John Wilkinson, and Charlie Hodge are missing;
  • presented in a classy, three-panel digipak featuring a good portion of photographs taken during the Cincinnati evening show. With the basic show, musicians, crew and venue information also included.

Running time: 59 min. 23 sec.

A New Kind Of Rhythm! (Madison) [March 21, 1976 (8:30 pm)]

  • a nearly complete show presented "as recorded, in Living Binaural";
  • the sound quality is improved when compared to "Holding Back The Years," the recording is brighter, clearer and richer but with more distortion and hiss noticeably audible;
  • 30 tracks in total, with the last one being the lengthy after-show announcements (by the late Al Dvorin) running for over 3 minutes;
  • the band member introductions are still incomplete (and span eight tracks);
  • the introductions of Kathy Westmoreland, John Wilkinson, and Charlie Hodge are still missing;
  • the recording should have been speed corrected as it runs a little over 2% too fast (see below);
  • fantastic design and artwork (a 16-page booklet, full of excellent concert photos, informative liner notes plus the pictures and story of the March 26, 1976 car accident that Elvis witnessed);

Running time: 61 min. 03 sec.

General comments:

  • it was Larrie Londin and not Ronnie Tutt on drums that night (Londin's first name is misspelt as Larry on "Holding Back The Years")
  • Shane Keister is the piano player;
  • after the full reprise of "Hurt" Elvis makes an "important announcement" (a woman has to report to a First Aid room), which did not happen too often during his concerts;

Detailed running time differences:

"Holding Back The Years" "A New Kind Of Rhythm!"
23. Closing Vamp 1 min. 34 sec. 29. Closing Vamp 1 min. 14 sec.
(incl. the "Elvis Has Left The Building" announcement) 30. Final Announcements 3 min. 10 sec

"Holding Back The Years"
01. Also Sprach Zarathustra 23. Closing Vamp (incl. "Elvis Has Left...") 59 min. 23 sec.

"A New Kind Of Rhythm!"
01. Also Sprach Zarathustra 30. "Elvis Has Left The Building" (excl. announcements) 58 min. 01 sec.