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Sweet Carolina versus A Greesnboro Revolution
by Henryk

Sweet Carolina (Vicky Records) [April 14, 1972 (8:30 pm)]

  • a complete (mono) soundboard recording of fair quality;
  • 23 track in total;
  • the disc running time as given on the back cover reads 60 min. 01 sec., but the in reality the show runs a little longer, clocking at 61 min. 42 sec.;
  • Closing Vamp (concluding track #23 which is Can't Help Falling In Love) is complete and followed by final "Elvis Has Left the Building" announcement;
  • the photograph used on the front cover is not from Greensboro; it was taken during the November 1971 tour (most likely in Baltimore, MD or Kansas City, MO)
  • basic artwork feat. a 4-page booklet including two 'live' shots of Elvis wearing the Red Lion suit and the track listing.

Running time: 61 min. 42 sec.

A Greensboro Revolution (Madison) [April 14, 1972 (8:30 pm)]

  • (supposedly) mixed down from MGM's multi-track tapes into stereo;
  • sound quality is a hugely improvement when compared to "Sweet Caroline";
  • the show is not a 100% complete as the closing vamp is edited and faded out;
  • 25 tracks including two bonus cuts:
  • track #24 being a backstage conversation recorded in Macon, GA on April 15, 1972
  • track #25 being the unrepaired, incomplete stereo version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water," with half of the first verse missing
  • the CD does not include the "Elvis Has Left the Building" announcement;
  • due to the fact a snippet of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was missing from the source tape, it was replaced with the same bit as "'flown in' from the mono film soundtrack";
  • (as indicated before) the Closing Vamp is incomplete (and runs for 33 sec. only);
  • exceptional artwork and design feat. a 16-page booklet, with extensive liner notes and full of excellent photography.

Running time: 65 min. 37 sec.
The Greensboro Show: 60 min. 55 sec.

General comments:

  • one of the four shows recorded by RCA for the Elvis On Tour project;
  • one of the only two dates when Elvis wore the Owl suit (the other being the evening show in San Bernardino on November 13, 1972);v
  • a superb performance, with Elvis in great shape both physically and vocally;
  • the show was also released on "The Legend Live" (European Kings Club), "The Greensboro Concert" (Triangle, with the original pressing being a CD-R), and "The Greensboro Show" (The Godfatherecords, who simply copied the Madison release).

Detailed running time differences:

"Sweet Carolina"
Can't Help Falling In Love/Closing Vamp 2 min. 44 sec.
"A Greensboro Revolution"
Can't Help Falling In Love/Closing Vamp 2 min. 13 sec.